Coaches and Wagons

Given the popularity of western themes in the '50s, I'm a little surprised at the relative scarcity of the subject in TV lamps. The Marcia of California design is a particularly nice rendition.

Marica of Calif. Covered Wagon Covered wagons were a popular theme, but usually done in wood and canvas. Marcia of California opted to make their version from ceramic. Photos courtesy of Ferniemax of Santa Rosa, CA.
back view A look at the back of the Marcia of Calif. TV lamp.
Wagon The unmarked old-west era wagon seen here is a subtle variation on the one marked "Marcia of California", and is no doubt by that maker. It could be an early-production example.
back view Back view.
close-up Here is shown what was apparently intended to be the location of the on/off switch. The switch is actually located on the right side of the wagon, just as on the "Marcia of California" version.
Maddux covered wagon This wagon looks a little out of place when compared to the rest of the Maddux line, but it no doubt was suitable competition for other TV lamps with a similar theme. Photo courtesy of a donation from Clifton, Colorado.
Coach This vintage Coach is found in several other colors. Photos courtesy of Woodland Trace Collectibles/Bill Keller, Knoxville, TN.
Coach Here's a view of the other side.
Premco TV Lamp Seldom-seen, this Premco wagon is a distinctive rendition of the theme. Photos courtesy of Leonard from Montezuma, Iowa.
Premco TV Lamp When its separate components are viewed, one can see that the ceramic body is only a small part of the construction. It is marked with the year 1954.
Premco TV Lamp The red fiberglass shade makes quite a display!
Beauceware TV lamp The design of this Beauceware covered wagon is simple but effective. Photos courtesy of Trudy Contois.
Beauceware TV lamp The fiberglass shade lifts to reveal the bulb and fixture.
Beauceware TV lamp Our covered wagon is marked on the bottom, Beauceware Canada L-924.
Ucagco Ceramics TV lamp value:  rarity:
The covered wagon from Ucagco looks shot full of holes, but they serve the purpose of dispersing light. Photos courtesy of eBay seller, 79shari.
Ucagco Ceramics TV lamp See what I mean? It still looks shot full of holes though...
Cactus Craft TV Lamp value:  rarity:
A personal favorite, this beauty from Cactus Craft features two iconic monuments that might be visited on a trip to the Black Hills of South Dakota, Mount Rushmore and Devils Tower. Photos courtesy of eBay seller, workstoohrd.
Cactus Craft TV Lamp Here's the Devils Tower side.
Cactus Craft TV Lamp All lit up!
Premco TV Lamp value:  rarity:
Several potteries manufactured a coach similar to this one by Premco, but not usually as a lamp.
Premco TV Lamp The Premco coach uses a separate frame/axle/wheel assembly, as did similar designs by Lane & Co. and others.

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