Vim-O-Lite of Hollywood

There's a number of companies that produced what appear to be Esco-Lite style TV lamps, but which are in fact another manufacturer entirely. Vim-O-Lite of Hollywood was either tied with Esco-Lite in some way, or a flagrant "borrower" of their designs.

Vim-O-Lite Lilly value:  rarity:
It sure looks like an Esco-Lite, but it's a Vim-O-Lite!
Photos courtesy of Carol Davis, Klamath Falls, OR.
Vim-O-Lite mark Here's a view of the Vim-O-Lite marking that's hidden beneath the felt base.
Vim-O-Lite Comedy-Tragedy TV Lamp value:  rarity:
The Vim-O-Lite comedy-tragedy TV lamp isn't one you're apt to trip across every day! Photos courtesy of Gene from Lodi, California.
Vim-O-Lite Comedy-Tragedy TV Lamp The bottom of the comedy-tragedy is marked, "Vim-O-Lite of Hollywood".

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