Universal Statuary Co.

Chicago's Universal Statuary Co. was founded by the Lucchesi family in the '30s, their original focus being traditional Italian designs. They made a tremendous volume of plaster items, and began adding some resin/polymer products by the late '50s. TV lamps were never prominent in their product line, but their figural table lamps, statues and wall plaques are often found today. The company was family-owned until the early '80s and is still in operation.

Universal Statuary TV lamp value:  rarity:
Everyone seems to have tried some sort of pagoda motif. This one, marked 1959, is by Universal Statuary.
Universal Statuary TV lamp value:  rarity:
Let's cut to the chase...this thing is ugly, but you can't fault Universal Statuary for being original! This lamp is not at all representative of Universal's designs, as most have a far-eastern, Victorian, Classical or Early American motif. Photos courtesy of TKR Collectibles- Central Illinois.
Universal Statuary TV lamp Back view.
Universal Statuary TV lamp A closer look reveals the decorative color added... wow!

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