An importer of dinnerware and glassware, Ucagco (United China and Glass Company) was founded in 1850 by Abe Mayer. Originally called Abe Mayer & Co., the Ucagco name came into use in the 1930's. They had offices in New York and New Orleans, and their Japanese agent, S.A. Stolarkoff, signed the first contract that permitted imports from Japan following World-War II. In 1956 the company was sold to Sammons Enterprises. Stolarkoff, who was serving as the company president at the time, retired in 1962. In the 50's their primary imports consisted of Japanese china. Their TV lamps are seldom seen.

Ucagco Ceramics TV lamp value:  rarity:
This Ucagco Ceramics ship is dotted with holes to emit light, much like the TV lamps sold under the Tilso brand. Photos courtesy of Ron from Bulverde, Texas.
Ucagco Ceramics TV lamp Back view.
Ucagco Ceramics TV lamp Here's a look at the foil Ucagco Ceramics label.
Ucagco Ceramics TV lamp value:  rarity:
The covered wagon from Ucagco looks shot full of holes, but they serve the purpose of dispersing light. Photos courtesy of eBay seller, 79shari.
Ucagco Ceramics TV lamp See what I mean? It still looks shot full of holes though...

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