Train TV Lamps

It is rare to find a TV lamp in the form of a locomotive, which only adds value to them. The example by Claes is particularly treasured.

The locomotive TV lamp pictured here says "Stanford Line" on the side. Otherwise it is unmarked. A better view of the Stanford marking can be seen on an identical (except for the color and absence of electrics) locomotive planter. Photos courtesy of Joel & Tammy Webster of Interlochen, Michigan.
Here's the right side (back) of the locomotive lamp.
A look at the top shows the push-button switch that is fitted to the locomotive, as opposed to the more common twist type.
Claes Train TV Lamp A departure from his usual animal motifs, this train is a very rare Claes design. Photos courtesy of Ron from Orange County, California.
Claes Train TV Lamp From this angle the train seems to be coming and going! Claes employed a bas-relief style on this lamp, creating an illusion of depth.
Claes Train TV Lamp Back view of the Leland Claes train.
Claes Train TV Lamp The bottom has the markings typically found on Claes TV lamps.
Claes Train TV Lamp Here's a close-up, revealing the William Hirsch symbol on the left followed by, ©54 Claes Copyright.
Claes Train TV Lamp This variation of the of Claes' train lacks the gold detailing, but instead has an unusual marble-like glaze. Photo courtesy of James Martin of Elm Mott, Texas.
Claes Train TV Lamp This interesting example of Claes' train was given a different finish. Photo courtesy of an eBayer from Hawthorne, California.

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