This is another example of the many "mystery lamps" that one finds when collecting, but fortunately this mystery has been solved. Thomas was the mark of Floyd Thomas, a mold-maker and occasional designer for Texans Incorporated, the manufacturer of the Howard Kron designs. Thomas created numerous items during the early years of Texans, including TV lamps, ashtrays and even a set of boot bookends that commemorated the Brownwood, Texas Centennial. Floyd aspired to manufacture pottery himself, and created numerous designs with that in mind, but the idea never reached fruition.

Thomas Wagon Wheel value:  rarity:
One of the few Texans Incorporated products not designed by Howard Kron, this one was the creation of Floyd Thomas. Framed by cactus and tree stumps, this large wagon wheel would be quite an addition to a room with a western motif!
Thomas mark A close-up of the unassuming Thomas mark.

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