Mid-Century Table Lamps

As with any collecting hobby, TV lamp collectors will find that they sometimes stray from their area of specialization. These peripheral objects can add depth to your primary collection and enhance the presentation of it. Many of the table lamps shown here were manufactured by the same folk that brought us so many great TV lamps. With the exception of the most audacious mid-century designs, table lamps don't command the prices often reached by TV lamps, making them an excellent value.

There are a lot of crazy mid-century lamps around, but this one is my favorite. It just reeks of over-the-top '50s styling! More often found with brown, rather than blue, detailing. Photo courtesy of Melissa Eastwood.
This dramatic design would definitely be the focal point of a room! The shades are nicely decorated in a classic mid-century style. Photos courtesy of Andy from Royal Oak, Michigan.
The fluid style of this lamp is all metal.
The angle of the shades is easily adjustable.
Cali-Co bird lamp A mid-sized table lamp by Cali-Co of California. The shade is not vintage. I've also seen this one in gray rather than the green shown here.
Moss Oriental Lamp When many people think of mid-century lamps, they think of Moss lamps. Produced by the Moss Manufacturing Company in San Francisco, they were pioneers in the extensive use of fiberglass and plexiglas, and often included motorized elements to their lamps. Photos courtesy of an eBay seller from Westchester, NY.
Moss Oriental Lamp Moss lamps frequently feature a ceramic figurine. Not of their own manufacture, the figurines were produced for them from various potteries, including Hedi Schoop, Ceramic Arts Studio, Yona, Lefton and Dorothy Kindell.
Moss Oriental Lamp The quality design of this figurine is the result of Moss calling upon only the best potteries for such components.
Moss Oriental Lamp The transparent red glaze really adds to the beauty of the figurine.
Moss Oriental Lamp From the back one can see the plexiglas construction.
large Kron table lamp Enormous Kron table lamp! (the ceramic body alone is almost 19" tall) The shade is '50s vintage (and also enormous), but isn't an original match for the lamp. I have another lamp in this style, only it's bed-table size, and probably about 9" tall.
bedroom lamps Nice pair of Kron bedside lamps.
Kron table lamp This Kron lamp is a stylistic match to their Circus Horse TV lamp. Kron seems to have signed all of his designs, and this one has the usual marking. Also found in turquoise.
peach Kron table lamp Sharp looking Kron table lamp. Great '50s 3-tier shade! Photo courtesy of Steve Iverson.
green Kron table lamp It would appear that Howard Kron made a lot of table lamps! This green beauty is clearly marked. I've also seen this one in brown. (In fact I see it every day...I have one in my living room!) Photo courtesy of Pat Kindle of Lawrence, KS.
Danish Modern Lamp This great mid-century design is just the thing to set off your Danish-modern furniture collection! Photos courtesy of Porcelain & Pottery Restoration of Chilton, Wisconsin.
Danish Modern Lamp The body of the lamp is decorated with a great '50s design.
Danish Modern Lamp ...and the design is carried over to the shade! Awesome.
Kron lamp Kron table lamp with gold details.
RAG Kron mark In this detail you can see the "RAG Kron" mark. This particular marking never appears on their TV lamps.
RAG Kron lamp A very '50s pink table lamp by Kron! (Also available in very '50s turquoise)
RAG Kron mark A view of the "RAG Kron" marking.
This beauty is one of the more commonly found lamps from the era, and is available in several swell colors, including blue, pink, white and chartreuse. Maker is unknown. Photo courtesy of Lisa Shaffer of Chicago, Illinois.
This unique lamp is just the thing to help you get in touch with your inner Elvis! At 32" tall, it's quita a show-stopper. Photos courtesy of Auerbach & Maffia.
A great Frederick Weinberg design, the time and skill put into the fiberglass and metal construction is considerable. It could be placed on a table or floor, and could even hang on a wall.
Kron Owl Table Lamp This seldom-seen table lamp is a variation of the popular Texans Incorporated TV lamp designed by Howard Kron. Besides the main bulb, it has a small bulb inside the body of the owl to light the eyes. They made clever use of a three way switch, as it goes from glowing eyes only, to main bulb only, with the final position illuminating both bulbs. I only know this one to be found in solid white.
Kron Owl Table Lamp The table lamp version is a unique casting, with significant modifications made to the TV lamp original. The back, normally a large opening to allow light dispersal, is fully finished. The head is different also, with a flat area to accommodate the fixture. The Kron bear TV lamp and "bull and brands" TV lamp were also given this treatment. All are rare!
I'm going to take up quite a bit of space with this lamp, because it's one of the neatest vintage table lamps I've seen! It's a Davy Crockett lamp manufactured by Premco Mfg. Co., the maker of numerous TV lamps. Photos courtesy of Stephanie Delaney.
Never has the presence of an original shade been so significant!
The other side of the Davy Crockett shade.
The Premco marking is clearly visible on the back of the lamp.
While it isn't unusual to find a year on vintage lamps, for some reason this one even has the month! The marking reads: Premco MFG. Co. CHICAGO Ill APR. 1955.
This is just too cool! It's a rare example of the GE "Revolv-a-Lite" idea whose time never came. Rather than fumbling around for that conventional light-switch, the "Revolv-a-Lite" switch is in plain view and operates with just a twist! Photos courtesy of Mona from Pittsburg, Kansas.
Close-up of the revolving collar that operates the lamp.
Econolite's stock-and-trade was motion lamps, but they also came up with a cute Mickey Mouse lamp! Photos courtesy of Sue from Minnesota.
Here's a better look at the "drum".
Detail showing the Walt Disney/Econolite markings.
One last look!
This bronc rider lamp was made by Texans Incorporated from an early Mar-Lita design, one that is similar (very similar!) to a lamp made by Haeger Potteries.
The "Mosaic Madonna" is a Howard Kron creation produced by Texans Inc., and was part of an extensive line of mosaic designs.
It appears that the original plan was to have the fixture mounted at the back of the lamp, but something (possibly a balance issue) prompted them to mount it at the top.
On the base is the RAG-Kron marking.
If this isn't the very essence of a '50s lamp, then I don't know what is! Photos courtesy of Thomas from New York.
An excellent blend of pink glaze with gold.
Haeger made many TV lamps, but lovely, highly original table lamps were given more attention by the company. This "nude with a fish and turtle" lamp is original indeed! I've also come across a TV lamp variation of this design, with a shell base instead of the turtle. Photos courtesy of Kandess from Fort Worth, Texas.
The foil Royal Haeger label is still present on this example.
Back view of the fish-hugging nude. (I crack myself up)
Unlike most Haeger lamps, this one doesn't have a single-bulb fixture, but instead is equipped with an old-style (very old!) two-bulb affair.
Have one of these? Give it a rub and let me know if a genie comes out, will ya? Photos courtesy of Isidee Millican.
There's definitely a Moorish influence reflected in this Howard Kron design. (with just a touch of intergalactic space travel thrown in for good measure)
I suspect that these were produced in the '70s, during the heyday of big, bulbous lamps.
Speaking of big lamps! This is a '70s Kron design that was made by Challenger Lighting, the company that bought Texans Inc. in the early '80s.
If this isn't a '50s lamp, then I don't know what is! Photos courtesy Paula from from Mesa, Arizona.
This type of detail was all the rage, as was the plated metal detailing.
Fun squiggles on the base!
Now here's a lamp! Today motorized Dodge "hula lamps" are prized collectibles and bring a premium. Photos courtesy of the swell folk at Surfing Cowboys, your source for beach culture and California lifestyle memorabilia! They're at 1624 Abbot Kinney Blvd., Venice Beach, California. (310)-450-4891.
Back view. The motor provided "life-like" hip action.
Majestic Z Lamp Known as "The Majestic Z", this lamp is an icon of over-the-top '50s styling. Gorgeous! Photos courtesy of an eBayer from Seaford, New York.
Majestic Z Lamp When illuminated, the Majestic Z looks ready to take off!
Majestic Z Lamp The shades are unique, and the desirability of this lamp has prompted the manufacture of reproductions.
Majestic Z Lamp One last look at those wild shades!
Columbia Statuary TV Lamp I had to include this ambitious chalkware creation from Columbia Statuary. At 16½" tall (not including fixture), this tropical lady would dominate any room! Photos courtesy of Richard from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Columbia Statuary TV Lamp Our exotic lady is the picture of serenity!
Columbia Statuary TV Lamp The Columbia Statuary folks detailed this lamp with great care.
Columbia Statuary TV Lamp Back view. It is marked, Columbia Statuary Co. İG.P. 1878. The "G.P." could be "C.P.", and the 1878 has to be a model number, not the date!
Puccini Lamp This immodest lass is a product of the Puccini Art Novelty Co.  Photos courtesy of Marta Williamson of Philadelphia, PA.
Puccini Lamp Back view. A discrete Puccini marking is on the base, but no copyright date is present.
Gaylite Lamp The New Zealand company Gaylite sold this interesting lamp with an oriental theme. Great shade! Photos courtesy of Beverly Sinclair from Auckland, New Zealand.
Gaylite Label A foil Gaylite label is on the base.
Gonder Foo Dog This beautiful Chinese Foo Dog by Gonder Ceramic Arts is a real keeper! Photo courtesy of Matt Taylor.
Reglor Table Lamp By Reglor standards this one is somewhat subdued, but it's certainly a great mid-century design. Photos courtesy of eBay seller, thesellingpost.
Reglor Table Lamp The base is marked Reglor of Calif. © 1951.
Continental Art Table Lamp The Continental Art Company pulled out all the stops on this one! Photos courtesy of eBay seller, prostreet4.3.
Continental Art Table Lamp These auxilliary bulbs are the coolest!
Continental Art Table Lamp It is clearly marked on the back, © Continental Art Co.
Goodman Lamp Best known for their motion lamps, L.A. Goodman made this interesting wall lamp. Photos courtesy of eBay seller, broadwaystreet-antiques.
Goodman Lamp Here's the label on the back of the Goodman wall lamp.
Phil-Mar Table Lamp Not too many table lamps are attributed to Phil-Mar. This example is an attractive, understated design. Photos courtesy of eBay seller, eli trashrockkings.
Phil-Mar Table Lamp Back view of the Phil-Mar table lamp.

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