Swan TV Lamps

As with Mallard Ducks, swan proved to be an extremely popular subject for TV lamps, providing a subtle, elegant accent. The swan produced by Maddux of California was undoubtedly the most popular example of the genre.

Marcia TV Lamp value:  rarity:
This "Swan with Baby" TV lamp by Marcia of California is a distinctive, seldom-seen design. Photos courtesy of Gopher Gifts.
Marcia TV Lamp Different angle.
Marcia TV Lamp One more look.
Maddux Swan value:  rarity:
Quite common, this Maddux of California swan is an affordable, attractive TV lamp. It is sometimes found with coloration (blue or brown) on the base.
Royal Fleet Swan value:  rarity:
The gold highlights on black really exemplifies the '50s. Royal Fleet applied their gold detailing with great care, giving a beautiful jewel-like quality to the finish.
swan value:  rarity:
Quite common, variations of this TV lamp depict a panther, a horse or a profile "cameo". This Beauceware lamp was made in 1953.
Lane Ballerina and Swan value:  rarity:
Again, something different from Lane & Company. This one has a simplicity that makes me think it's one of their early designs. Photo courtesy of Woodland Trace Collectibles/Bill Keller, Knoxville, TN.
Lane Ballerina and Swan The Lane & Co. ballerina and swan were also made in solid colors, as seen in this example. Photos courtesy of R.L. Rising of Rising Sky Artworks.
swan value:  rarity:
The rich green glaze on this swan is just too nifty! Photos courtesy of Woodland Trace Collectibles/Bill Keller, Knoxville, TN.
back view Another view of the green swan TV lamp.
green swan value:  rarity:
The wings of this swan cradle the light bulb on this large Phil-Mar TV lamp.
brown swan Same lamp as above in brown. Photo courtesy of Woodland Trace Collectibles/Bill Keller, Knoxville, TN.
Natcocraft Swan value:  rarity:
One of the more attractive swan lamps, the Natcocraft design has the swan swimming past plants and cattails. Photos courtesy of T.A. Brown of Canada.
Natcocraft mark The back of the swan carries the Natcocraft mark.
Electro Mfg. Swan value:  rarity:
Similar stylistically to the Deer above, this Electro Swan TV lamp is similar in size as well at a mere 5 1/2" tall.
back view Back-view of the Electro Swan.
Electro Mfg. Swan The Electro Swan is also found in pink. Photo courtesy of Bill Keller, Knoxville, TN.
back view Back view.
Lane Swan value:  rarity:
Looking rather like the swan TV lamp that Maddux sold by the zillions, this one is in fact from Lane & Co. It appears to be pressed, a technique more often used in the manufacture of ashtrays. While undated, I suspect this to be a late design (Early '60s most likely), and is quite rare. Photos courtesy of Debbie from Fort Wayne, Indiana.
Lane Swan The back of Lane's swan reveals the pressed technique.
Lane Swan A close-up of the Lane marking on the back of the swan's wing.
Lane Swan value:  rarity:
At first glance this Lane & Co. swan looks identical to the one above, but it is in fact a completely different design. This one is very similar to the swan that was such a substantial part of Maddux's production, and cast in the traditional manner rather than pressed. I believe this one to be the earlier of the two designs. Photos courtesy of Angelique Engelkes from Villard, Minnesota.
Lane Swan The difference in production technique is clearly visible when comparing the back views of the two lamps.
value:  rarity:
This style of swan TV lamp is extremely common, but is rare when mounted on a base.
The on/off switch is mounted to the back corner.
Maurice of Calif. TV Lamp value:  rarity:
I was convinced that this "Swan and Babies" TV lamp was unmarked, but saw one listed on eBay described as bearing a Maurice of California marking. I took another look, and BOOM, there it was! (but very faint)
Back view of the Maurice of Calif. TV lamp. Oddly enough, this one was also made in orange!
Enchanto TV Lamp value:  rarity:
An attractive swan TV lamp by Enchanto of California. The Enchanto catalogs from the era called it the E99 8½" Swan Lamp. Photos courtesy of Dave from Rochester, New York.
Enchanto TV Lamp Back view.
Enchanto TV Lamp Here's another example of the Enchanto swan TV lamp, this time in a spectacular shade of pink! Photos courtesy of Linda Buchanan from Thousand Oaks, California.
Enchanto TV Lamp Here's another look.
Enchanto TV Lamp Back view of the Enchanto swan.
California Originals TV Lamp value:  rarity:
This L-708 Swan Planter Lamp from California Originals is very similar to TV lamps from Maddux and Lane. While the design isn't distinctive when compared to the others, it is certainly less common. Photos courtesy of Linda from Soda Springs, ID.
California Originals TV Lamp Back-view of the California Originals swan TV Lamp.
Cal-Style TV lamp value:  rarity:
At first glance, this swan by Cal-Style looks somewhat like the one by Maddux of Calif., but it actually has a lot more detail. Photos courtesy of Debbie from Sharon, Pennsylvania.
Cal-Style TV lamp Back view.  It is marked, Cal. Style U.S.A. L-202 E-4.
Cal-Style TV lamp The swan has a faux wood grain finish that is reminiscent of that used by other California potteries, including Treasure Craft and Maddux.
Cal-Style TV lamp One more look.

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