Sierra Vista

Sierra Vista was founded in the '40s by Reinhold Lenaberg, and later owned by his son Leonard. They're probably best known for their cookie jars, and TV lamps from the company are few and far between. While the company history isn't fully known, they apparently were located in Pasadena, California and operation from 1944 until 1951. I've also heard it said that they relocated to somewhere in Arizona after '51, but have been unable to verify the move.

Sierra Vista treasure chest value:  rarity:
A treasure chest TV lamp... now I've really seen everything! Pretty good idea though. Photos courtesy of House-Of-Fun Collectibles, Signal Hill, California. (Ebay seller, House-of-Fun)
Sierra Vista treasure chest There's obviously something missing from this lamp, but whether it had a ceramic cover or perhaps a fiberglass shade is unknown. (At least by me!)
Sierra Vista treasure chest Back view.
Sierra Vista marking The in-mold marking on the bottom reads, Sierra Vista California ©'50.

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