Sascha Brastoff

Sascha Brastoff reigned as the king of commercial design in post-war America. His creations crossed the boundary between mass-produced decor and fine art, and included all sorts of dinnerware and giftware. He was nothing if not diverse, and worked in most all traditional mediums and even ventured into new ones, his resin designs being particularly interesting. But the greatest number of his products were made in enameled copper or pottery, made at his enormous plant in Los Angeles. A true celebrity in the Hollywood community, Brastoff enjoyed many years of fame before a nervous breakdown in the early '60s derailed his creativity. He recovered and resumed artistic pursuits, only to encounter health problems in the '80s. Sascha Brastoff passed away in 1993.

Sascha Brastoff TV Lamp by Phil-Mar value:  rarity:
This TV lamp was made by the ceramics giant Phil-Mar Corporation, and was a design frequently used by the company. What distinguishes this example is the addition of what looks very much like a Sascha Brastoff leaf design. I would love to know the story behind this one! Is it feasible that a truly famous California designer (with his own enormous ceramics factory) decorated TV lamps for a huge pottery maker in Cleveland, Ohio? I sort of doubt it, and suspect that the graphic was an intentional copy of Brastoff's style.
Sascha Brastoff TV Lamp by Phil-Mar While the usual "Sascha B" mark isn't present, the similarity to his work is undeniable. This back view reveals an unusual Phil-Mar label, the nature of which isn't clear.

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