Royal Copley

Located in Sebring, Ohio, Royal Copley was a line of decorative pottery produced by the Spaulding China Company. Founded in 1942, they were in business until 1957. Their manufacture of TV lamps has always been questioned, with the siamese cats previously attributed to the company discovered to have instead been made by Enchanto Co.

Royal Copley TV Lamp value:  rarity:
Often found as a vase, this particular ram head by Royal Copley serves as a TV lamp. Did the factory do this, or was it converted at a later date? More on this can be found in a post on my blog titled, Could this be the Missing Link? Photos courtesy of eBay seller, karlanharry.
Royal Copley TV Lamp A side view.
Royal Copley TV Lamp Back view, showing the attachment of the switch and routing of the power cord.

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