Royal China & Novelty Co.

The only lamps I've seen from the Royal China & Novelty Co. have been of the traditional sleek panther style.  Royal China and Novelty was a Division of Regal China, and had their facility on Archer Avenue in Chicago, Illinois.  Regal manufactured products for Jim beam as well as Lemieux China.

Royal China & Novelty TV lamp value:  rarity:
Looking like lamps and figurines by Haeger, Lane & Co., Jacquelin and others, this panther by Royal China & Novelty Co. is a sleek, elegant design. The Royal China lamp-only panthers are identical to the planter/lamp variation, except that they lack the protruding planter and the Royal China marking on the back. All of RC's panthers are 21" long.
Royal China & Novelty TV lamp Back view.
Royal China & Novelty TV lamp/planter value:  rarity:
Royal China's panther TV lamp/planter is distinctive in that it is based upon the popular panther design, a protruding planter area added to the top. Unlike the lamp-only version, these are clearly marked in the hollow behind the bulb/fixture.
Royal China & Novelty TV lamp/planter Back view.
panther lamp/planter Found in many colors, this black and gold variation of the Royal China panther is distinctive and unusual. Note how a collar has been implied with creative use of the gold.

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