Rooster TV Lamps

Among the most spectacular TV lamp designs are those depicting roosters. They were present in the product lines of many major potteries, including Maddux of California, Haeger Potteries, Lane & Co. and Phil-Mar.

Ceramic Arts Rooster value:  rarity:
This attractive Ceramic Arts rooster lamp/planter was no doubt designed by Royal Hickman.  Very rare, and this one has the original manufacturer's tag!  Photo courtesy of Don Kannady from St. Louis, Missouri.
rooster value:  rarity:
Good-looking Phil-Mar rooster TV lamp. Roosters were typically adorned with gold detailing or airbrushed color, but this one is chartreuse (called chartreuse lava by Phil-Mar) with a subtle white dripped glaze. Photos courtesy of Woodland Trace Collectibles/Bill Keller, Knoxville, TN.
rooster Back view of the chartreuse rooster.
Rooster value:  rarity:
This great rooster can be found in several colors, including pink. It sure looks nice in green! Photos courtesy of Mike Norris, Wildomar, CA.
Rooster Reverse of the Rooster lamp.
Beachcomber Rooster value:  rarity:
This rooster from Beachcomber Potteries is perhaps their most attractive TV lamp. Photos courtesy of Linda Buchanan of Newbury Park, CA.
Beachcomber Rooster From the back one can see the unusual light openings.
Beachcomber Rooster There's nothing more picturesque than sunrise on the farm!
value:  rarity:
This rooster TV lamp is a beauty! The color isn't exactly naturalistic, but who cares? Photos courtesy of Terry O'Connor in Malibu, California.
Reverse view of the rooster. It's particularly impressive when illuminated.
Maddux rooster value:  rarity:
This Maddux rooster & chicken TV lamp is rare and very collectible. Photos courtesy of Jane Reding from Montgomery, Alabama.
Maddux rooster A look at the back of the Maddux rooster & chicken lamp. It is marked with the year 1958.
Fighting Cock value:  rarity:
This comical Fighting Cock is one of my favorites! Also found in white, these could have been made by Royal Fleet, but no markings can be found. Photos are courtesy of Terry O'Connor in Malibu, California.
back view Back view of the lamp pictured above.
Fighting Cock Here's the white version!
Fighting Cock Back view of the lamp pictured above.
Hollywood Ceramics Rooster value:  rarity:
While this example is little worse for wear, the Hollywood Ceramics rooster lamp is a great design, and quite rare as well.
Hollywood Ceramics Rooster Back view of the Hollywood Ceramics rooster TV lamp.
Lane Rooster value:  rarity:
This nicely styled rooster is one of my favorite Lane TV lamps, but isn't found as often as many of their other designs. Photo courtesy of Woodland Trace Collectibles/Bill Keller, Knoxville, TN.
Lane Rooster Here's the back of the Lane Rooster.
value:  rarity:
This great looking rooster TV lamp is set off by a black glaze accented with gold. It's unmarked, but it looks like a Royal Fleet product to me. Photos courtesy of Gloria from G&J Antiques.
Back view of this great rooster TV lamp!
Many TV lamps were designed with the use of a tubular bulb in mind, but our rooster obviously needs a "modern" light bulb.
Maddux Rooster value:  rarity:
This Maddux rooster has an unusual orange glaze, with traces of gray showing through the transparent orange.
Maddux Rooster Back view of the Maddux rooster.
Maddux marking A "Maddux of Calif" marking can be found on the bottom, along with USA.
value:  rarity:
Haeger sold this beauty as both a figural planter and as a TV lamp. Photos courtesy of Martha from Greencastle, IN.
This picture shows the electrics fitted to Haeger's rooster. Haeger Potteries, perhaps more than any other maker, liked to "convert" existing designs to use as TV lamps rather than create TV lamp-specific pieces.
Lane Rooster TV Lamp value:  rarity:
This Lane & Co. rooster has always been one of my favorites, probably because colorful roosters were such a popular subject in the '50s and represent the era so well. Photo courtesy of Carol from Van Alstyne, Texas.
Lane Rooster TV Lamp value:  rarity:
Less common than the colorful version above, this Lane rooster is spectacular in its sprayed gold decoration! Photos courtesy of eBay seller "bucksonbay". Did I mention that they're one of the best eBay sellers, and always offer fine TV lamps?
Lane Rooster TV Lamp Perhaps redundant, I had to include this beautiful photo!
Lane Rooster TV Lamp Here's the back view of our golden rooster.
Rosemeade Rooster TV Lamp value:  rarity:
This rooster TV lamp by Rosemeade is undoubtedly the most sought-after of all the makers' lamps. It has the distinction of bringing the all-time highest auction price for a vintage TV lamp, hammering down for $3,550.00 in 2006. Photos courtesy of Joel Nokota from Fort Ransom, North Dakota.
Rosemeade Rooster TV Lamp Another look. Rosemeade's rooster was also made in black, brown, and a greenish-shade of brown.
Rosemeade Rooster TV Lamp Close-up.
Rosemeade Rooster TV Lamp This back view reveals the placement of the fixture.
Rosemeade Rooster TV Lamp Another look at the back of the Rosemeade rooster.
Rosemeade Rooster TV Lamp This bottom view also shows the foil Rosemeade label.
Rooster TV Lamp value:  rarity:
I can't place a positive identification on this rooster, but I'm inclined to think that Maddux of California was the maker. Photos courtesy of Jack Forbes of Gage, Oklahoma.
Rooster TV Lamp From the back you can see three holes that were undoubtedly for the purpose of holding artificial greenery.
Rooster TV Lamp The only markings on the rooster read, 3715 Made in California.
LeBow Rooster value:  rarity:
Featuring a design that is very similar to their horse, this fighting cock TV lamp from LeBow of California is rose colored with a white drip glaze. This small lamp isn't found often, and is a nice addition to any collection.
LeBow Rooster Back view of the LeBow rooster.
LeBow Marking Here's a better look at the LeBow marking found on the back of the rooster.
La Velle Rooster value:  rarity:
Wow. One of the nicest TV lamps I've seen in a while, this La Velle rooster is super! Photos courtesy of eBay seller, eireladdie, purveyor of fine TV lamps.
La Velle Rooster The details on the rooster are particularly striking, going beyond that typically found on mid-century American pottery. The foil label reads: La Velle of California 22 Karat Gold.
La Velle Rooster Back view.
Wales TV lamp value:  rarity:
This crowing rooster by Wales is also found in white.
Wales TV lamp Wales lamps are difficult to identify, as the foil label is usually gone, but two clues are the thin castings and the distinctive pull-chain light fixtures.
Hollywood Ceramics TV Lamp value:  rarity:
This Hollywood Ceramics lamp is valuable both for its rarity and the popular rooster subject.
Hollywood Ceramics TV Lamp Back view.

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