Rock O'Stone

Although I've seen several Rock O'Stone lamps and figurines over the years, nowhere have I found information regarding the company that produced these great chalkware pieces.  I'm on the lookout!

Rock O'Stone panther value:  rarity:
Given the wild paint sometimes applied to plaster TV lamps, this one is tastefully understated. Photos courtesy of John Reuter from Saint Petersburg, Florida.
Rock O'Stone panther Rock O'Stone went all-out in creating an aggressive looking panther!
Rock O'Stone ballerina value:  rarity:
In stark contrast to their panther, the Rock O'Stone ballerina TV lamp is the essence of subdued grace. (did I say that?) Photos courtesy of a donor from La Sarre, Quebec.
Rock O'Stone ballerina Back view of the Rock O'Stone ballerina lamp.
Rock O'Stone marking The ballerina's marking includes the copyright number.
Rock O'Stone terrier value:  rarity:
This was probably the most successful Rock O'Stone TV lamp. The bold paint work on this terrier makes it a real stand-out! Photo courtesy of Brenda from Fort Smith, Arkansas.

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