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While most TV lamps included a planter, some were designed with the planter as the dominant feature, and those are included on this page. TV lamp/planter combos like these don't get much respect in the marketplace, due in part to their great numbers and also because they lack the "pizazz" of figural lamps. But they were huge sellers in their day, and are a significant part of TV lamp history. The most common format was based on a half-donut shaped planter that set in a metal base, the lamp fixture positioned in the "hole".

Gilner Planter I found this beauty by Gilner in a large antique store in Sweetwater, TX. The store was off the main drag and looked like we were the first people to visit in quite a while!
Gilner mark Same lamp, showing the script-style Gilner mark.
Sierra-Columbia planter/lamp This planter/lamp by Sierra-Columbia is a fine example of one of their "scissors" designs. The pattern cut into the metal base was actually made from a leftover piece from scissors manufacturing!
Sierra-Columbia planter/lamp Back view.
Sierra-Columbia planter/lamp This close-up shows the Sierra-Columbia paper label.
Sierra-Columbia lamp & planters Potteries often made TV lamps available with matching planters, but they've usually parted ways long ago. These are by Sierra-Columbia. Photo courtesy of A. Gribbin from Creston, British Columbia.
lamp/planter Produced in several colors, this Maddux planter/lamp isn't as collectible as a figural lamp, but is an elegant example of '50s style all the same.
Maddux TV lamp/planter Referred to in the Maddux of California catalog as the "Starlite TV Planter Lamp", this example must be the color they referred to as salmon, although it lacks the pinkish quality that the name would imply. The '58 catalog states that these went for the princely sum of $27 per dozen.
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This planter/TV lamp was called the model 3950 Candle Light, but was also referred to as the Flower and Butterfly Planter Ring Lamp. Go figure. Whatever the name, it's a distinctive and attractive design. Photos courtesy of Global Auctions/Roger & Liz Erwin.
The cylindrical fiberglass shade is nicely decorated.
This is a look at one of the nice details on the fiberglass shade.
From the bottom one can see the complete framework of metal of this lamp.
Castro Planter Looking rather like a Maddux planter, the Castro Mfg. version is an attractive TV lamp. Photo courtesy of Bill Ryan, Harvard, Il.
Castro mark The base of this lamp reveals the Castro Mfg. mark.
pink planter This Miramar is one of the less common examples of the "planter on a metal base" theme.
Miramar marking Hard to see in this photo, the Miramar marking is on the left.
green Miramar planter This planter is a significantly different design than the previous one. Miramar chose to apply a jade green textured finish on this example, a style that they used on planters and other items as well.
Miramar marking The bottom of the planter is marked "Miramar of California, 1952".
Miramar TV lamp While this Miramar of California planter/TV lamp bears a superficial similarity to the previous one, it is from an entirely different mold. Photos courtesy of Dan from Chilton, WI.
Miramar TV lamp Even the plated metal base is unique to this planter/lamp. This chartreuse design is pretty rare in comparison to the deep green one above.
Miramar TV lamp While difficult to see, the base of the planter is dated 1955.
Miramar planter/lamp Planter/lamps such as this one were Miramar's stock and trade, at least in the area of TV lamps. They were often in an oriental style, and the deep green was used frequently.
Miramar planter/lamp The bottom is marked, "Miramar, California, 1952".
yellow planter/lamp At 18" long, this lamp is huge! Yellow glaze is quite uncommon. It appears chartreuse in the photos, but it's actually more of a lemon yellow.
Harlaco mark It's the only lamp I've seen that's marked HARLACO. Anyone seen any other Harlaco products?
Beacon Pottery TV Lamp The Beacon Pottery planter/lamp is a pretty routine design, if rather tall. What distinguishes this one is the textured finish... and that color! Photos courtesy of Charlene from the Ozarks.
Beacon Pottery TV Lamp The ceramic planter sits on a decorative metal base, as did similar designs from many other companies.
Beacon Pottery TV Lamp Top-view.
Beacon Pottery TV Lamp The Beacon Pottery marking is on the bottom of the planter.
Martindale TV Lamp This Martindale TV lamp/planter is in the "half-donut" style that was employed by so many companies. This is the only Martindale TV lamp I've come across so far.
Martindale TV Lamp Illuminated.
Martindale TV Lamp The half-donut format of the planter is clearly visible when separated from the metal base.
Martindale TV Lamp The bottom is marked Martindale 502 Calif.
Miramar TV Lamp Now this is a planter-lamp! Miramar of California probably marketed this mega-planter/lamp as both a TV lamp and an illuminated table centerpiece. Photos courtesy of eBay seller, estates4u.
Miramar TV Lamp Wow...what a presentation!
Planter-TV Lamp As with the planter-lamp shown above, this one is in a circular format, rather like two of the common "half donut" lamps put together. Photos courtesy of eBay seller, jdrdiamond.
Planter-TV Lamp From above the layout is clearly seen. No marking is present that might indicate the maker.
Planter-TV Lamp All lit up! As with most planter-lamps, it uses a metal filigree base.
Ball-Jae TV lamp value:  rarity:
This lamp by Ball-Jae is your traditional "half-donut" design. The color is unusual, though!
Ball-Jae TV lamp Back view.
Ball-Jae TV lamp The Ball-Jae marking is on the bottom.
California Originals TV Lamp value:  rarity:
As with most half-donut planter/lamps, this one by California Originals is an often found design.
California Originals TV Lamp Top view of the California Originals planter/lamp.
Premco TV Lamp value:  rarity:
Seldom seen, this Premco planter/lamp wears a leaf motif. It's possible that this one was converted to a lamp at a later date, but the tall filigree base looks like a natural for light dispersion. Photos courtesy of eBay seller, goodstuffne.
Premco TV Lamp All lit up!
Premco TV Lamp The planter is marked, Premco Mfg. Co. Chicago, Ill. 1954.

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