Plant TV Lamps

Here's a collection of flora that includes flowers, leaves, grapes, roots etc. Some are naturalistic in their representation, while others lean heavily towards abstraction.

Esco-Lite Leaf w/Gold value:  rarity:
One of their less common lamps, this Esco-Lite leaf has airbrushed color with hand painted gold accents.
Esco-Lite label The Esco-Lite label is present, but there's not much left of it.
Esco-Lite Leaf Vase value:  rarity:
Using the same colors as the previous lamp, this one has a vase-like shape and is larger.
Esco-Lite label No Esco-Lite label on this one, but has the name stamped on the felt bottom.
Esco-Lite Leaves value:  rarity:
This abstract Esco-Lite plant lamp is a knockout! Photos courtesy of Robert, Montreal Canada.
CSA label Rather than the more common Underwriter's Laboratories label, the lamp pictured above meets the approval of the Canadian equivalent, the CSA.
Esco-Lite Leaves Same lamp as above, this time in green.
back view The back view of the Esco-Lite lamp.
Esco-Lite Lilly value:  rarity:
Probably the most common Esco-Lite lamp, this lilly is found in several color variations. Similar lamps are also found with other manufacturer's markings. So similar, in fact, that I wonder if Esco-Lite changed their name at some point, or perhaps produced ceramics for other companies.
Esco-Lite Lilly Same lamp as above, but in a rich shade of green. Photo courtesy of Lucy, San Luis Obispo, California.
Esco-Lite Lilly This uncommon chartreuse lilly is made even more collectible because of the label on it's base. Photos courtesy of Lauren Fraser/dig*retro, Tustin, California.
City of LA label On the back of this lamps base is "CITY OF L.A. APPROVED, BUILDING 8 SAFETY". The significance of this label is unknown, but certainly interesting! I'd appreciate hearing any ideas regarding the meaning of this label. It can be better viewed in close-up.
Esco-Lite Lilly A rather odd color, this is the Esco-Lite Lilly in gray.
Esco-Lite value:  rarity:
This is certainly one of the least common Esco-Lite TV lamps. Photos courtesy of Sam from Highland Village, Texas.
Esco-Lite Back view.
Esco-Lite TV Lamp value:  rarity:
Staying true to their vegetative theme, this Esco-Lite is in the form of some sort of broad-leaf plant. Photos courtesy of eBay seller foundfunk.
Esco-Lite TV Lamp Back view.
Vim-O-Lite Lilly value:  rarity:
It sure looks like an Esco-Lite, but it's a Vim-O-Lite!
Photos courtesy of Carol Davis, Klamath Falls, OR.
Vim-O-Lite mark Here's a view of the Vim-O-Lite marking that's hidden beneath the felt base.
Comer Creations lilly value:  rarity:
OK, I'm starting to wonder about Comer Creations. All their products look like someone else's! This Lilly appears identical to the ones made by Esco-Lite. Photos courtesy of Steve from Loma Rica, CA.
Comer Creations lilly The bottom of the Lilly TV lamp reveals the Comer Creations mark.
Alert Lamp Mfg. TV Lamp value:  rarity:
This Esco-Lite styled lamp is the only example I've seen from the Alert Lamp Mfg. Co. Photos courtesy of R.L. Rising of Rising Sky Artworks.
Alert Lamp Mfg. TV Lamp Here's the Alert marking on the bottom felt.
Gilner Plant value:  rarity:
Another attractive, highly stylized Gilner lamp, this one with airbrushed gold detailing.
Gilner Plant Same lamp, but in turquoise. Photos courtesy of Woodland Trace Collectibles/Bill Keller, Knoxville, TN.
back view Back view.
Lane Tropical Foliage value:  rarity:
A beautiful lamp, showcasing Lane's skillfully applied airbrushing. Photos courtesy of Esquire Estate Sales.
reverse The reverse of the lamp above shows the care taken in designing the mould, assuring structural integrity. Painted detailing was even applied to the back! The manufacturer's mark is clearly visible.
Lane Leaves & Log value:  rarity:
Definitely one of their more uncommon lamps, this is a fine example of how Lane was able to successfully create products from intricate, difficult moulds.
leaves & log This is the reverse of the lamp pictured above.
McCoy Log Lamp value:  rarity:
This one is usually found as a planter, but occasionally a TV lamp version shows up. These are clearly an afterthought. It's marked on the "saw" side of the lamp, with USA at the bottom left and a tiny McCoy on the bottom right. Thanks to Katherine Alegria of San Francisco, California for pointing out this hard-to-see mark!
McCoy Log Lamp The logging theme is continued on the reverse.
McCoy Sunflower TV Lamp value:  rarity:
While unmarked, this sunflower TV lamp appears in Sanfords Guide to McCoy Pottery, a trusted reference book. This one has that transparent wash of green glaze that McCoy is known for, and I've seen it in several other colors as well. Was also sold as a planter.
McCoy Sunflower TV Lamp Same lamp as above, but with a beautiful red glaze. Photo courtesy of anonymous from Southern California.
Phil-Mar Leaf lamp/planter value:  rarity:
This beautiful Phil-Mar planter/lamp has a rich yellow glaze speckled with brown.  This one has its original label.
Phil-Mar label Here's the label that, if you're lucky, you'll find on Phil-Mar lamps.
Tenna-Lite TV Lamp value:  rarity:
Nothing is known about the company, Tenna-Lite, but their lamps are of the highest quality with a rich, dripped glaze.
Tenna-Lite TV Lamp The Tenna-Lite label is plainly seen from the back.
luminart TV lamp value:  rarity:
Obviously the "tree root" genre never caught on, but it's a pretty lamp all the same! As with most of the Luminart TV lamps, this one is unmarked.
Grapes value:  rarity:
The subject of this TV lamp might be grapes, but it looks cheesy to me!
Enchanto TV Lamp value:  rarity:
This one from Enchanto is unusual indeed! These highly stylized leaves with roses are done in very '50s pink. Photos courtesy of Marilyn Most, Loveland, CO.
back view Back view of the Enchanto TV lamp. The Enchanto catalogs called it the R127F 8" Leaf Lamp with Rose.
Enchanto TV Lamp value:  rarity:
Here's a terrific variation of the TV lamp shown above. No roses are present, and rather than the pink glaze, this one has a marbled glaze of blue, pink and! Photos courtesy of eireladdie, the best eBay seller around!
Enchanto TV Lamp Back view.
Enchanto TV Lamp Breathtaking!
Tropical Leaf value:  rarity:
This Phil-Mar tropical leaf TV lamp is attractive, and rather large as well.  Phil-Mar called this color "jade lava".
back view Back view of the tropical leaf.
Tropical Leaf The same lamp as above in brown.  Photo courtesy of Woodland Trace Collectibles/Bill Keller, Knoxville, TN.
Miramar Bamboo TV lamp value:  rarity:
The '50s saw tremendous interest in the old west and outer space, but many forget that exotic Polynesian themes were everywhere. Soldiers returning from the pacific brought with them a fascination with what came to be known simply as "Tiki". Tiki was seen in music and designs of all sorts, and it's rather surprising that such influence isn't found more often in TV lamps. The bamboo on this lamp was given a three-dimensional look by airbrushing brown over the chartreuse base. The bottom is faintly marked Miramar and includes an illegible year.
value:  rarity:
This leaf TV lamp is very common, and much more impressive in person. The mother-of-pearl finish is beautiful! Possibly a Beachcomber's item.
Back of the leaf TV lamp. There is no marking to indicate the manufacturer.
Sascha Brastoff TV Lamp by Phil-Mar value:  rarity:
This TV lamp was made by the ceramics giant Phil-Mar Corporation, and was a design frequently used by the company. What distinguishes this example is the addition of what looks very much like a Sascha Brastoff leaf design. I would love to know the story behind this one! Is it feasible that a truly famous California designer (with his own enormous ceramics factory) decorated TV lamps for a huge pottery maker in Cleveland, Ohio? I sort of doubt it, and suspect that the graphic was an intentional copy of Brastoff's style.
Sascha Brastoff TV Lamp by Phil-Mar While the usual "Sascha B" mark isn't present, the similarity to his work is undeniable. This back view reveals an unusual Phil-Mar label, the nature of which isn't clear.
Lane Roses TV Lamp value:  rarity:
An unusual TV lamp subject marvelously executed by Lane & Co! Photos courtesy of Doug & Rachel from Sheridan, Wyoming.
Lane Roses TV Lamp Nice close-up of the airbrushed detail on the roses. This lamp can also be found in white with gold.
Lane Roses TV Lamp Back view of Lane's Roses lamp. I suspect that this is one of the later Lane TV lamp designs.
Lane TV Lamp value:  rarity:
Lane & Co. often devised off-the-wall stylings, as with this "tulips and birds" TV lamp/planter. Photos courtesy of an eBayer from Shenandoah, Iowa.
Lane TV Lamp The Lane tulip lamp is marked 1960, and wears the typical foil label.
value:  rarity:
An unusual subject for a TV lamp, this is a fun design all the same. Possibly by The Morton Pottery Co. Photos courtesy of George Martin from Little Valley, NY.
Another look, this angle showing the attachment point for the light fixture.
California Originals TV Lamp value:  rarity:
California Originals was fond of airbrushed gold, and they held nothing back on this one!
California Originals TV Lamp Back view. California Originals called it the L-706 Leaf Planter Lamp.
Marcia TV Lamp value:  rarity:
This leaf TV lamp is indicative of the diversity of the Marcia of California products.
Marcia TV Lamp Back view.

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