Pittsburgh Statuary Lamp Co.

The only knowledge I possess regarding the Pittsburgh Statuary Lamp Company is that the name appears on chalkware TV lamps, were undoubtedly based out of Pittsburgh!

Pittsburgh Statuary TV lamp value:  rarity:
This exotic lady must have ruled proudly over a television back in the day! The marking on the back reads, PGH Statuary Co. Photos courtesy of noelmarie in Pittsburgh.
Pittsburgh Statuary TV lamp Back view.
Pittsburgh Statuary Couch lamp value:  rarity:
Really now, what do you suppose they were thinking of when they designed this?! "Hey guys, why not focus in on the huge, untapped market for sofa lamps?" Actually, this was originally adorned by two seated oriental figurines. Photos courtesy of The2Gurlz, Haverhill, MA.
Pittsburgh Statuary Couch lamp Back view of the least the cat hasn't clawed it!
Pittsburgh Statuary marking A close-up of the Pittsburgh Statuary marking shows a date of 1957.

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