The Phil-Mar Corporation of Cleveland, Ohio was one of the major players in the TV lamp market, producing them in a tremendous variety of styles. In the early '40s they manufactured fiberglass products for the war effort, but 1946 saw all their attention focus on production of lamps and their "Glastron" lampshades.  They soon purchased Royal Hickman Industries, a company Hickman formed following his 1944 departure from Haeger Potteries, renaming it Ceramic Arts, Inc.  Frank Petty had worked with Hickman at Haeger and followed him to Hickman Industries, but opted to remain with Phil-Mar after the sale. Petty was well acquainted with the glazes and designs used by Hickman at Haeger Potteries, which is why there's such confusion it Haeger or Phil-Mar? The products can be very similar.  Today many Phil-Mar products are unattributed (or thought to be by Haeger), as their foil labels are no longer present.

Phil-Mar Leaf lamp/planter value:  rarity:
This beautiful planter/lamp has a rich yellow glaze speckled with brown.  This one has its original label.
Phil-Mar label Here's the label that, if you're lucky, you'll find on Phil-Mar lamps.
Phil-Mar panther value:  rarity:
Very popular in it's day, lamps similar to this Phil-Mar panther were produced by many potteries. Which one came first? We'll probably never know.
Phil-Mar panther A look at the back of Phil-Mar's panther.
Phil-Mar panther Detail of the switch location.
Phil-Mar panther Same panther as the one above, but this one was finished with the glaze that Phil-Mar called "chestnut lava".
Phil-Mar panthers value:  rarity:
A departure from conventional styling, this Phil-Mar TV lamp featured two panthers! Photo courtesy of Rebecca Kortjohn.
Tropical Leaf value:  rarity:
This Phil-Mar tropical leaf TV lamp is attractive, and rather large as well.  Phil-Mar called this color "jade lava".
back view Back view of the tropical leaf.
Tropical Leaf The same lamp as above in brown.  Photo courtesy of Woodland Trace Collectibles/Bill Keller, Knoxville, TN.
Royal Haeger Two Dogs value:  rarity:
This Phil-Mar TV lamp has a spectacular glaze of brown and yellow. Phil-Mar called this one the TV 110 Wolfhounds lamp.
Royal Haeger Two Dogs While almost identical to the lamp above, this tan example has subtle differences, including the positioning of the light fixture. I believe this is the color that Phil-Mar called buckskin. Photos courtesy of Terri German, Mountain Cove Antiques, Chickamauga, GA.
Royal Haeger Two Dogs Instead of a "planter box" with the light fixture inside, this lamp holds the socket vertically.
Royal Haeger Two Dogs Here's the Phil-Mar Wolfhounds in black. Photos courtesy of Bill Keller, Knoxville, TN.
brown drip glaze value:  rarity:
A large yet surprisingly lightweight lamp, this Phil-Mar has a beautiful drip glaze and elegant shape.
Sascha Brastoff TV Lamp by Phil-Mar value:  rarity:
This one is identical in design to the Phil-Mar lamp above, but rather than a glossy drip glaze this one proudly wears a Sascha Brastoff leaf decoration. While best known for the products he designed for his own pottery company, Brastoff also did work for Phil-Mar and Haeger Potteries.
Sascha Brastoff TV Lamp by Phil-Mar While the usual "Sascha B" mark isn't present, the attribution of this design to him cannot be questioned. This back view reveals an unusual Phil-Mar label, the nature of which isn't clear. It is perhaps a small reminder that, while Brastoff designed the piece, the manufacture was done by Phil-Mar.
Phil-Mar Mare & Foal value:  rarity:
This is a frequently seen Phil-Mar lamp, but it's seldom found with a label. I discovered it to be a Phil-Mar when I saw it in a vintage advertisement. The ad says they're available in amber (brown), ebony and gray, but white and even red have been found.
rooster value:  rarity:
Good-looking Phil-Mar rooster TV lamp. Roosters were typically adorned with gold detailing or airbrushed color, but this one is chartreuse (called chartreuse lava by Phil-Mar) with a subtle white dripped glaze. Photos courtesy of Woodland Trace Collectibles/Bill Keller, Knoxville, TN.
rooster Back view of the chartreuse rooster.
Phil-Mar Duck value:  rarity:
The "wings down" design of this Phil-Mar Duck TV lamp is unique among all the various designs.
back of duck The reverse of the Duck lamp.
green swan value:  rarity:
The wings of this swan cradle the light bulb on this large Phil-Mar TV lamp.
brown swan Same lamp as above, this one in "chestnut lava". Photo courtesy of Woodland Trace Collectibles/Bill Keller, Knoxville, TN.
Phil-Mar lamp/candy dish value:  rarity:
Another lamp that I just recently discovered to be a Phil-Mar. The small area on the front of this lamp was no doubt intended to be used as a candy dish.
Phil-Mar Deer lamp/planter value:  rarity:
The exaggerated style of this planter/lamp reminds me of a Royal Hickman design, which it may well be, given that Phil-Mar bought his Royal Hickman Industries in the late '40s.
Phil-Mar Basket lamp value:  rarity:
This rare basket TV lamp by Phil-Mar is unusual both for the beautiful blue glaze and for the presence of the original label and tag.
Phil-Mar tag The reverse of the Phil-Mar tag provides a revealing look into 50's marketing. The lovely blue glaze is made all the more desirable by the name assigned to it, "teal lava". And don't forget...buying two Phil-Mar TV lamps can add "modern decorator styling" to your room!
Phil-Mar panther value:  rarity:
This Phil-Mar panther TV lamp is not so common as those from Lane or Jacquelin, but the unique pose sets it apart even more than its rarity.  Photos courtesy of Donna P. of Ormond Beach, FL.
Phil-Mar panther Here's the back view of the Phil-Mar panther.  Notice that the glaze used is the same yellow-with-brown-specks as shown at the top of this page.
Phil-Mar label Rather worse for wear, here's what's left of the foil Phil-Mar label.
Phil-Mar Panther value:  rarity:
Here's a beautiful example of the Phil-Mar design above, this one with a dramatic glaze. Photos courtesy of an eBayer from Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Phil-Mar Panther Back view.
Phil-Mar Panther Phil-Mar frequently used these glaze colors in combination, and always with gorgeous results.
deer lamp/planter value:  rarity:
This Phil-Mar deer is also a lamp/planter combination and, judging from the number out there, must have been a big seller. The small lamp can also be found in a table lamp version.
horse heads value:  rarity:
Looking somewhat "art deco", this TV lamp by Phil-Mar can be found in several colors.
horse heads value:  rarity:
Surprisingly, this Phil-Mar TV lamp isn't found often, in spite of its attractive design and popular mid-century theme. Photos courtesy of Karen Armstrong.
horse heads Another look.
horse heads The planters are substantial, with the fixture mounted behind.
Phil-Mar Gazelle value:  rarity:
Phil-Mar released more than one gazelle TV lamp, but this one was particularly popular. Photos courtesy of Tracay Paddock.
Phil-Mar Gazelle Back view.  Phil-Mar also made this design in a table lamp version.
Phil-Mar TV Lamp value:  rarity:
A very distinctive design, I'm not clear as to the subject of this Phil-Mar TV lamp...a Roman soldier? A Hawaiian King? In any case it's a real beauty, with a great finish that has an antiqued bronze look. Photos courtesy of Jim from Chico, California.
Phil-Mar TV Lamp Another angle.
Phil-Mar TV Lamp Back view.
Phil-Mar TV Lamp value:  rarity:
Phil-Mar's rampaging elephant is a bold design, this one finished in their "gray lava" glaze.
Phil-Mar TV Lamp Back view. Yes, this elephant has only one ear!
Phil-Mar TV Lamp Same lamp as above, this one glazed in chestnut lava.
Phil-Mar TV Lamp Back view.

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