Pheasant TV Lamps

I'm not sure why, but there's a great number of pheasant TV lamps. They're certainly not a typical mid-century theme, but I suspect they had a certain rural, outdoor-life appeal. Many of them are quite attractive, as the subject was a natural for colorful airbrushed glazes.

Pheasants value:  rarity:
This beautiful Pheasant TV lamp/planter is quite unusual, the sculptural aspects of the lamp overshadowed by the bold airbrushing. Photo courtesy of Jennifer Adams & Chad Becker of Martinsville, Indiana.
Kron Pheasant value:  rarity:
This Texans Incorporated Golden Pheasant TV Lamp is spectacular!  Known for some big lamps, this one is a giant at 15" high and over 13" wide.  It was made with two pieces that were fused together during firing, as was Kron's Mallard.  Extremely rare.  Photos courtesy of K.C. Heylin - Beachdude, Inc.
back view A look at the back of this impressive lamp. It was made in the airbrushed coloration seen here or in brown.
Kron Pheasant TV Lamp Left side of the Kron Pheasant.
Kron Pheasant TV Lamp Right side.
Kron Marking Here's the Kron ® marking on the Golden Pheasant TV lamp.
Retail Price On the bottom written in grease pencil is the original retail price. Gee, I'd buy'em all day for that!
Kron Pheasant In the collection of David Cole is this unusual variation of the Golden Pheasant TV lamp. It strays from the natural coloration on the example above, and is seldom seen.
California Originals TV Lamp value:  rarity:
This pheasant TV lamp by California Originals is a real's a beauty! The manufacturer's catalog calls this one the L-701 Pheasant Lamp.
California Originals TV Lamp The airbrushed 22k gold is heavily applied over the black glaze, making for a gorgeous finish.
California Originals TV Lamp Back view of the California Originals pheasant.
Cockatoo value:  rarity:
I only recently found this Pheasant TV lamp to be manufactured by Maddux of California. The diversity of styles exhibited by Maddux often makes identification difficult!
Rosemeade Pheasant value:  rarity:
Pheasants were a popular subject for Rosemeade, appearing as figurines, salt & pepper shakers as well as on ashtrays. This pheasant is certainly one of the most prized Rosemeade TV lamps, easily bringing $500 or more. Even more rare, it was also made in solid colors on a special order basis. Photos courtesy of Peggy Cook of Long Lane, Missouri.
Rosemeade Pheasant Back of the Rosemeade pheasant.
Cal-Style TV lamp value:  rarity:
This beautifully sculpted pheasant from Cal-Style is one of the few TV lamps I've seen that can definitely be attributed to the California maker. Photos courtesy of Ron from Caldwell, Idaho.
Cal-Style TV lamp Back view.
Cal-Style TV lamp Cal-Style's pheasant is marked, Cal. Style. U.S.A. L-200 E-41020.
Wales TV lamp value:  rarity:
Similar in size and design to their other TV lamps, this pheasant was made in Japan by Wales. Photos courtesy of eBay seller, cxrman.
Wales TV lamp Back view of the Wales pheasant.

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