People and Faces

In the world of TV lamps animals are definitely "king of the jungle", but humankind sometimes makes a showing as well.

mermaid & shell Made in several colors, this Cali-Co of California "mermaid and shell" is a beauty!
Cali-Co mark A manufacturers mark is found on the bottom which reads Cali-Co of Calif 52. This lamp is also found with a foil label that reads, Manufactured by Comer Furniture MFG Co, Downey CA, and I've even found one with a paper label that read Bur-Cal Co. Long Beach, CA.
Comer Creations Mermaid This Comer Creations TV lamp is remarkably similar to the shell and mermaid from Cali-Co of California.
Mermaid This close-up reveals the loveliest mermaid to ever swim the high seas!
Comer Creations Mermaid Here's the back view of the Comer Creations lamp.
Kron Masks Wow, this one is different! While of the "comedy/tragedy mask" genre, the faces on this Gunter-Kron lamp have a certain sinister quality. The finish is brown with thick white and gold splatters applied over it. One of only two TV lamps that have the Gunter-Kron signature, it is 13" tall and 10" wide. It was also made in turquoise or pink, and it's rare in any color. This one is autographed on the back by Richard Gunter.
autograph This is a view of the back of the comedy/tragedy TV lamp showing the Richard Gunter autograph.
Kron Masks Here's the turquoise version of the TV lamp shown above. It's a bit less common than the brown one. Photo courtesy of The Mid-Centurian's Back-to-the-Fifties Room.
oriental boat Not only did Americans love everything French in the '50s, they also had a fascination with Oriental themes. This lamp by Fuhry & Sons was extremely popular.
mark The recessed top of the above lamp is marked in gold with COPR. FUHRY & SONS, INC.
Premco Oriental Boat This one is so similar to the Fuhry & Sons Oriental Boat lamp that it's hard to believe they were made by different companies, but this one was in fact produced by Premco Manufacturing. The top was designed to accommodate a table lamp style of fixture and shade, giving the maker two lamps to sell from a single mould. The back is marked, Premco Mfg. Co. Chicago, Ill.
classical scene A rather elaborate classical scene with a woman, an urn and a panther, courtesy of Fuhry & Sons. Photo courtesy of Woodland Trace Collectibles/Bill Keller, Knoxville, TN.
Fuhry mark The back of this lamp clearly shows the Fuhry & Sons mark.
Haeger TV Lamp value:  rarity:
The Royal Haeger comedy-tragedy TV lamp proved quite popular, and is highly collectible today. A variation of it was also the basis for Kissner Industries "Tri-Wonder" lamp. Photo courtesy of Becky Kortjohn.
comedy/tragedy masks value:  rarity:
This is exciting...1950s technology at it's best, The Tri-Wonder, from Kissner Industries. What initially appears to be your basic TV lamp is actually an bug repellant/anti-odor supercenter! Photos courtesy of Pat Ferguson, Richwood, Ohio.
back view From this view you can see two labels that explain all that this amazing lamp does. A spectacular combination of electrical and chemical power, one can only guess what the nuclear version would have been capable of! It is interesting to note that all the Tri-Wonder lamps (the ones I'm aware of) were of the Comedy-Tragedy theme, but of differing designs. Some used the style shown here (unknown maker), while others were based on the Haeger Potteries design.
label 1 This label emphasizes that only "Genuine Tri-Wonder Westinghouse odorout bulbs and de-fly-er chemical tablets" are to be used.
label 1 The second label brandishes the Tri-Wonder emblem, and states the three issues addressed: ODOR-INSECTS-LIGHT. Manufacturer is shown to be Kissner Industries, Inc., Madison, Wisconsin.
Kissner Tri-Wonder Lamp value:  rarity:
This one doesn't bear the Kissner/Tri-Wonder labels, and could be a similar product from an entirely different company. This example is built around the Haeger Potteries Comedy-Tragedy TV lamp. Photos courtesy of eBay seller, ocfitness.
Kissner Tri-Wonder Lamp Top view.
Kissner Tri-Wonder Lamp This shot reveals the myriad of bulbs.
Lane Matador While not the usual Lane & Co. subject matter, this bullfighter was sculpted with care. Photos Courtesy of pastmemorytreasures (eBay)/Tom & Penny Anderson, Jeffersonville, IN.
Lane Matador This is the reverse of the bullfighter lamp.
Lane Matador This Lane bullfighter is the same as the one above except for the glaze. The yellow glaze has been further accented with orange and brown around the bullfighter's shoulders and cape.
Lane Matador This is the reverse of the bullfighter lamp.
Lane marking Behind the lightbulb is the Lane marking, which reads, Lane & Co. Van Nuys, Calif. U.S.A.
Lane Ballerina and Swan Again, something different from Lane. This one has a quality of style that makes me think it's one of their early designs. Photo courtesy of Woodland Trace Collectibles/Bill Keller, Knoxville, TN.
Lane Ballerina and Swan The Lane & Co. ballerina and swan were also made in solid colors, as seen in this example. Photos courtesy of R.L. Rising of Rising Sky Artworks.
Native This is the first time I've seen this one! Similar in format to many other TV lamps, this African Native motif is unusual. Photos courtesy of Pam Corrick from Fairfield, Iowa.
back view Back view of the Native lamp.
TV lamp couple At first sight I doubted that this TV lamp was vintage, but closer inspection of the light fixture and cord shows it to have a '50s/'60s heritage. While the design is unusual, it is stylistic in a manner similar to the one above.
Maddux Dancers Not a typical subject for Maddux of California (or anyone else), these latin dancers make for a nice TV lamp! Photo courtesy of Woodland Trace Collectibles/Bill Keller, Knoxville, TN.
back view Another view of the Maddux dancers.
Navis & Smith Woman's Head While you don't see this one every day, it's probably the most frequently seen TV lamp by Navis & Smith. Photos courtesy of Woodland Trace Collectibles/Bill Keller, Knoxville, TN.
back view This is the back view of the Navis & Smith lamp.
Navis & Smith TV Lamp Similar to the one above, this lady from Navis & Smith is considerably more rare. Photos courtesy of Julia Poole in High Point, North Carolina.
Navis & Smith TV Lamp Side view.
Navis & Smith TV Lamp Back view.
Two Women Interesting TV lamp has two women lounging before a curved fiberglass shade. Only example I've seen of this one! Photo courtesy of Tony Middleton, Sacramento, California.
mermaid This great Hawaiian girl is most often found with a rectangular "shade" which functions as a backdrop. Possibly by Modern Art Products. Photos courtesy of Joel & Tammy Webster of Interlochen, Michigan.
This beautiful chalkware TV lamp has detail that is lacking on most plaster lamps. Photos courtesy of John from Good Riddance Auctions.
A closer look shows the care put into this lamp.
Another detail view, this one showing some of the wear that invariably occurs on chalkware items.
The back reveals the colored shade which disperses the light and makes an attractive glow.
This great unmarked horse and jockey lamp includes a metal fence as a backdrop. While horses abound as the subjects of TV lamps, this is the only one I can think of with a rider. Also, I can't recall another instance of a racehorse theme being used.
Back view of the horse and jockey.
Here's another example of the horse and jockey TV lamp, this one in white with gray accents. Photos courtesy of Tim from California.
This close-up of the back shows the holes for the metal "fence", missing on this example.
This is a chalkware TV lamp that appears to be in fine condition. I've seen this design numerous times, and suspect that many have survived because they have been cherished over the years by their owners. Photo courtesy of Freda from Charleston, WV.
The comedy/tragedy mask is a common subject of TV lamps, but the addition of musical notes makes this one unique. Maker unknown. Photos courtesy of Linda Buchanan of Newbury Park, CA.
Back view of the comedy/tragedy TV lamp.
African masks are certainly not a common subject of TV lamps, which is somewhat surprising when you consider the popularity of primitive art during the '50s. (Remember the craze for "Tiki" art that soldiers brought home from the Pacific?) Photos courtesy of Rachel Wright of St. Louis, MO.
Here's a back view of the tribal mask TV lamp. It's unfortunate that this one is unmarked, as the unique design makes it difficult to match to the products of any particular maker.
This "Indian on the hunt" number is one of the more common, and interesting, chalkware TV lamps. Photos courtesy of an anonymous donation from Hot Springs, SD.
The back of the indian lamp reveals the intended location for the light fixture, which was never installed.
Here's the intended location for the light switch.
Holland Mold indian This "hunting indian" design from Holland Mold is a good one, and must have been a hit given the cowboy-and-indian craze that flourished in the 1950s. Photos courtesy of Martin from Hilton, New York.
Puccini ballerina This Puccini ballerina TV lamp is one of their best. Photos courtesy of Bid Brothers, Portland, Oregon.
Puccini ballerina A look at the back of the ballerina lamp reveals the fiberglass shade used to diffuse the light.
Puccini ballerina A close-up shows the detail applied to this Puccini lamp. Painted detail was added not only to the plaster portion, but also to the fiberglass background.
Puccini ballerina The Puccini Art Novelty Co. did another variation on the ballerina theme, this one posed with a harp. Photos courtesy of Char Korcz.
Puccini ballerina Back view.
It's not often that TV lamps can be described as provocative, but this vampish lady certainly turns up the heat! This unmarked chalkware lamp has a fiberglass shade to disperse the light. Photos courtesy of Rachael from Quitman, Louisiana.
Here's the chalkware lamp as viewed from above.
This Knight/Crusader TV lamp is not one you're going to come across often. Photos courtesy of Joanne from Pennsylvania.
Here's a close-up of the knight, which includes a foil label that reads: Genuine HOWELL CHINA 22 KT-GOLD HAND DECORATED.
A look at the back reveals the light fixture and the mounting for the shade.
Rock O'Stone ballerina In stark contrast to their panther, the Rock O'Stone ballerina TV lamp is the essence of subdued grace. (did I say that?) Photos courtesy of a donor from La Sarre, Quebec.
Rock O'Stone ballerina Back view of the Rock O'Stone ballerina lamp.
Rock O'Stone marking The ballerina's marking includes the copyright number.
Beauceware TV lamp This Royal Canadian Mounted Police TV lamp is a rare design from Beauceware, produced in 1953. The attention to detail is outstanding! Photos courtesy of Beauceboys, Ottawa, Canada.
Beauceware TV lamp A detail view shows the detailed cold paint applied to the Mountie and his trusty steed. Also in evidence is the creative use of two "shades" to both diffuse the light and draw attention to the mounted figure.
Beauceware marking The Beauceware marking is clear on this one, as is the number "1132".
Kron dancers Extremely rare, I had heard of this Kron dancers TV lamp long before I ever saw one. This design was nearly scrapped because of breakage concerns, particularly regarding the woman's arms. The man was given bell-bottom pants to enhance stability.
Kron dancers Back view of the Kron dancers.
Kron marking The Kron marking is prominent on the back of the dancers lamp.
Kron dancers This turquoise Kron dancers TV lamp lacks the decorative white glaze that is on the brown one above. The assortment of colors and glaze variations used on these lamps are unknown. Photos courtesy of Mike O'Briant in Roxboro, NC.
Kron dancers Back view of the turquoise Kron dancers lamp.
Melrose lady matador After acquiring hundreds of ceramic TV lamps, this is my first chalkware lamp. The use of a female matador adds charm to this interesting design. It is marked "Melrose-Lamps Co." on the back.
back view Back view of the lady matador TV lamp.
Lane boy & dolphin Good grief, how many TV lamps did Lane & Co. design?! I'm surprised that this beautiful design isn't seen more often. Photos courtesy of Ellaine Feferman of Toronto, Ontario.
Lane boy & dolphin Back view of the Lane boy and dolphin. Wasn't that a Sophia Loren movie?
Lane boy & dolphin Here's a detail of the dolphin-riding boy.
Maddux TV Lamp A theme also used by Lane & Co. on the example shown above, this rare Maddux of California Boy on a Dolphin TV lamp is finished in a glaze with an antique bronze look. Photos courtesy of Chris from Ashton, Illinois.
Maddux TV Lamp Another angle.
Maddux TV Lamp Back view.
Maddux TV Lamp While TV lamps are generally considered to date from the '50s, this Maddux is clearly marked 1966.
Maddux TV Lamp It looks particularly nice when seen in silhouette.
Hedi Schoop Comedy-Tragedy TV Lamp This Hedi Schoop comedy-tragedy lamp follows traditional lines, but has a flair that others lack. Rare. Photos courtesy of John Dyer.
Hedi Schoop TV lamp Back view of the Hedi Schoop comedy-tragedy TV lamp.
chalkware TV lamp This great unmarked chalkware lamp features a tropical motif, a subject that was quite popular in the day.
Chalkware TV lamp Here's a close-up of the exotic, if dusty, native woman.
Maddux Mt.Rushmore TV lamp The Mt. Rushmore TV lamp from Maddux is one of their little-known products. Photos courtesy of Jim Semonchik of Batavia, Illinois.
Maddux Mt.Rushmore TV lamp Back view of the Maddux Mt. Rushmore TV lamp.
Maddux marking As indicated by the marking on the back, the Mt. Rushmore TV lamp was made by Maddux of California, and sculpted by renowned artist Carl Romanelli. Romanelli is known for many publicly displayed sculptures as well as his extensive design work with Metlox. It is a faithful reproduction of the Gutzon Borglum original, located in South Dakota. Quite a pedigree for a humble TV lamp!
Vim-O-Lite Comedy-Tragedy TV Lamp The Vim-O-Lite comedy-tragedy TV lamp isn't one you're apt to trip across every day! Photos courtesy of Gene from Lodi, California.
Vim-O-Lite Comedy-Tragedy TV Lamp The bottom of the comedy-tragedy is marked, "Vim-O-Lite of Hollywood".
I just love this Royal Haeger lamp! It has a crazy sort of art-deco/nouveau quality, and is finished with a glaze frequently used at Haeger. Photos courtesy of Joe and Roberta Mariner from Northern California.
Back view of the "deer and nude" TV lamp.
Unfortunately this lamp no longer has the Haeger label, only this generic UL label.
Maddux Little Bo Peep When does a TV lamp become a nite-lite? I suspect that Maddux of California marketed this "Little Bo-Peep" lamp as lighting for a child's room, as it would be decidedly odd placed on a television!
Maddux Little Bo Peep Back view of Maddux's Bo-Peep lamp.
Camark dancer Although 8 1/2" tall, this Camark dancer is a tiny lamp, with none of the weight and bulk of other TV lamps.
Camark dancer This lamp was almost certainly fitted a fiberglass shade, as the lamp isn't substantial enough to block the bulb from view. A paper Camark label is visible.
Camark label The bottom shows a second Camark label, this one made of foil.
This rather uninspired ballerina TV lamp isn't marked, but the homely mug on the dancer looks remarkably similar to the one on the Camark lamp shown above.
Back view.
L.M. Fielack TV lamp Oriental themes, Oriental women in particular, showed up often as the subject of lamps. This one was made by L.M. Fielack. Photos courtesy of Larry Trexler from Sherrill, N.Y.
L.M. Fielack TV lamp Fiberglass shades were often used to diffuse the light, and helped give designs an atmospheric quality.
Favor-Ware Ballerina TV Lamp Ballerina TV lamps are not uncommon, but seldom as nice as this example from Favor-Ware.
Favor-Ware Ballerina TV Lamp Chalkware items often show their age, but this ballerina TV lamp is "new-old stock"...having just emerged from storage, in its original box, since the '60s! Ever seen the fiberglass shade on a TV lamp look this white?
Favor-Ware Ballerina TV Lamp Here she is in all her glory! I start getting emotional when I see one of these lit-up...snif, snif...
Haeger made a few TV lamps, but lovely, highly original table lamps were given more attention by the company. This "nude with a fish and turtle" lamp is original indeed! Photos courtesy of Kandess from Fort Worth, Texas.
The foil Royal Haeger label is still present on the lamp!
Back view of the fish-hugging nude. (I crack myself up!)
Unlike most Haeger lamps, this one doesn't have a single-bulb fixture, but instead is equipped with an old-style (very old!) two-bulb affair.
Silvestri Bros. TV Lamp The Silvestri Bros. used a common Oriental subject for this TV lamp, but added their own twist by incorporating a wishing well. Photo courtesy of John from Bedford, Ohio.
Silvestri Bros. marking The Oriental lamp has the Silvestri Bros. marking on the bottom, as well as the patent number.
Silvestri Bros. advertisement This vintage advertisement shows the lamp pictured above. The ad shows the lamp with greenery in place, and it was most likely included with the lamp.
Columbia Statuary TV Lamp By Columbia Statuary, this lovely Madonna and Child TV lamp is in excellent condition! Photos courtesy of Lin from Gloucester, MA.
Columbia Statuary TV Lamp Back view of the Columbia Madonna TV lamp.
Columbia Statuary TV Lamp The back is clearly marked Columbia Statuary Inc. © 1966. The year 1966 appears on a large number of Columbia Statuary products.
Rite-Lite TV Lamp This skillfully crafted TV lamp is similar in style to other bust-style lamps. Others can be found that represent oriental or african characters, and they typically have the light projected up through a hat as in this example. It has a foil label on the base that says Rite-Lite Mfg. Co., Chicago, Ill. Photo courtesy of Ed Barr from Westfield, MA.
Lampcrafts TV Lamp Lampcrafts had an extremely tasteful design on their hands with this one. It is a wonderful homage to a prevalent style of the era... a love of all things mysterious and exotic. Photos courtesy of Elaine from Park City, Montana.
Lampcrafts TV Lamp Back view of the lady and her cat!
Lampcrafts TV Lamp As with their sailing ship TV lamps, Lampcrafts wasn't frugal with their application of 22k gold. Such decoration was economically feasible at the time, and many potteries took advantage of the rich luster it provided.
Lampcrafts TV Lamp This example still wears the foil Lampcrafts label.
Hollywood Ceramics TV Lamp Everybody seems to have done a variation on the comedy/tragedy theme, including this one from Hollywood Ceramics. Photos Courtesy of Herb Wanser of Anaheim, California.
Hollywood Ceramics TV Lamp Here's a back view.
Hollywood Ceramics TV Lamp Fortunately, Hollywood Ceramics was quite consistent in the marking of their products.
Maddux Asian Woman Here's a beautiful Maddux design that was obviously the work of a master sculptor. Such asian motifs were commonplace, but seldom were they done with such elegance. Photos courtesy of eBay seller almeriadit.
Maddux Asian Woman Details show the care with which this TV lamp was designed.
Maddux Asian Woman Back view. It is marked 840 Maddux of Calif., Made in USA, 21855-M, but no date is provided.
Maddux TV Lamp Clearly related to the design shown above, this Maddux TV lamp was called the #851 Quan Yin Head.  Photos courtesy of eBay seller rmelera.
Maddux TV Lamp Back view.  The "Quan Yin Head" is 14" tall.
Maddux TV Lamp Side view.  The white glaze on this lamp was called White Crackle.
Maddux TV Lamp It is marked Maddux of Calif. 851 59 Made in USA on the bottom.
Ornamental Arts TV Lamp This one has to be the jewel in Ornamental Arts & Crafts crown. Better known for their reverent views of nature, it's obvious that something different is going on here! Seldom was humor used so blatantly in TV lamp design... and to such great effect. Photos courtesy of Linda Knauss of Indianapolis, Indiana.
Ornamental Arts TV Lamp I believe these boys have been on their last hunt!
Ornamental Arts TV Lamp Back view.
Ornamental Arts TV Lamp Note the look of satisfaction. There's no better feeling than returning home from a successful hunt!
Premco TV Lamp I find this Premco TV lamp fascinating because of the material used in its construction. Whereas other Premco TV lamps are ceramic, this oriental design is plaster, making it a rare example of a pottery manufacturer opting to produce a chalkware product. Photos courtesy of an eBayer from the great state of Maine.
Premco TV Lamp Here she is all lit-up... real pretty!
Premco TV Lamp Here's the back of it.
Premco TV Lamp Premco returns to the oriental theme with this beautiful, yet seldom-seen design. Photos courtesy of R.L. Rising of Rising Sky Artworks.
Treasure Craft TV Lamp Treasure Craft put a unique spin on their version of the comedy-tragedy theme. Photo courtesy of Janet from Seabeck, Washington.
Here's the Maddux picture lamp with the Prince of Peace image in place. Photos courtesy of Rick from the Pacific Northwest.
The bottom shows the Maddux markings, and clearly shows the matte brown finish that Maddux often used in later years.
A close-up of the image itself.
Back view.
Lane & Co. TV Lamp value:  rarity:
Here's a terrific design from Lane & Co!  This tropical beauty is surrounded by foliage similar to that seen in their tropical leaf lamp. Rare. Photo courtesy of eBay seller, beachdudeinc.
Lane & Co. TV Lamp Back view.
Lane & Co. TV Lamp This sort of detail is what makes Lane & Co. products really stand out.
Lane & Co. TV Lamp Our tropical lamp is sharply marked on the back, Lane & Co. Van Nuys, Calif, U.S.A. L-49 ©1960.
Florence Art TV Lamp A charming design, this Florence Art TV lamp "borrows" heavily from the work of Hedi Schoop. Photos courtesy of George Martin of Little Valley, NY.
Florence Art TV Lamp Our oriental woman is clearly marked on the back.
Florence Art TV Lamp Similar in design to the one above, the theme of this Florence Art TV lamp is quite different.  Photos courtesy of an eBayer from Cheshire, Ohio.
Florence Art TV Lamp Another view.
Florence Art TV Lamp Back view.
Florence Art TV Lamp Our ballerina lamp is marked © Florence Art on the back.
An unusual subject for a TV lamp, this is a fun design all the same. Probably the work of The Morton Pottery Co. Photos courtesy of George Martin from Little Valley, NY.
Another look, this angle showing the attachment point for the light fixture.
Industrial Art TV Lamp The Industrial Art wishing well lamp is an attractive chalkware design, making use of frosted glass to disperse the light. Photos courtesy of eBay seller mickey-mouse-collector48.
Industrial Art TV Lamp The back is marked Industrial Art Co. Detroit.
Industrial Art TV Lamp How hot do you suppose that glass gets?
Industrial Art TV Lamp A boy and his dog, apparently in need of help from the beautifully colored wishing well.
Treasure Craft TV Lamp Betcha haven't seen one of these! This elf TV lamp from Treasure Craft is definitely different, and at 14" tall it's big, too. Photos courtesy of Micahel from Whittier, North Carolina.
Treasure Craft TV Lamp Back view of the Treasure Craft elf. The fixture is missing on this example, but it clearly held an inverted socket in TV lamp fashion. A foil Treasure Craft label is on the bottom.
Haeger TV Lamp This deco-styled Haeger Centaur TV lamp has the look of an early design, perhaps '53 or so. Photos courtesy of Barbara from Chipley, Florida.
Haeger TV Lamp Back view.
Haeger TV Lamp On the bottom is the remnant of a paper label.
Haeger TV Lamp Now this is a TV lamp, folks! The woman, hanging onto a rather large fish, poses spectacularly from behind a seashell on this great Haeger design. At 19" tall, this one would have dwarfed most televisions of the day! Was also made in a table lamp version. Photos courtesy of Char Korcz, Carpentersville, Illinois.
Haeger TV Lamp Here's a look at the back of the "nude with fish" TV lamp.
Haeger TV Lamp The fixture is mounted in the shell, and highlights the woman beautifully.
Beachcombers Clown TV Lamp Beachcomber Potteries had a great design in this clown TV lamp, made with translucent clay and finished with a mother-of-pearl glaze. Photos courtesy of Eloy Lores from Northern California.
Beachcombers Clown TV Lamp Side view, revealing the switch near the base.
Beachcombers Clown TV Lamp Back-view.
Beachcombers Clown TV Lamp It makes a great presentation when lit!
Melrose TV Lamp This TV lamp from Melrose-Lamps has to be the most charming design ever rendered in plaster. The skill put into sculpting the lamp, and the beautifully executed details, make this one a winner! Photos courtesy of an eBayer from Lebanon, PA.
Melrose TV Lamp The back reveals a small fiberglass shade that casts a glow around the children's legs.
Melrose TV Lamp Here's the © Melrose marking.
Michigan Artistic Creation TV Lamp One of the most beautiful chalkware TV lamps I've seen, this Madonna and Child by Michigan Artistic Creation is dated 1958. Photos courtesy of Mama D from Browerville, Minnesota.
Michigan Artistic Creation TV Lamp One can easily see the care put into the detailed paint application.
Michigan Artistic Creation TV Lamp Side view.
Michigan Artistic Creation TV Lamp The bottom is marked Mich Artistic Creation 1958 Detroit Mich.
Modern Art Products TV Lamp This oriental scene by Modern Art Products looks like a page from Haeger Potteries or Lane & Co.
Modern Art Products TV Lamp Back view.
Bertie Butorac TV lamp This chalkware Bertie Butorac "Prom Queen" TV lamp can be found with different colors applied to her dress and hair.
Bertie Butorac TV lamp Back view. Rather large, our prom queen is 12" tall and 19" across!
Bertie Butorac TV lamp She's marked Bertie Butorac ©1952 #1105.
TV Lamp I don't know the maker of this "boy with turban" TV lamp, but I'm leaning towards Haeger or Phil-Mar. (or Gilner, or Maddux, or... ) Photos courtesy of Mike and Kelly from Edmonds, Washington.
TV Lamp Back view of the boy with turban. He's 12½" tall.
horse heads Surprisingly, this Phil-Mar TV lamp isn't found often, in spite of its attractive design and popular mid-century theme. Photos courtesy of Karen Armstrong.
horse heads Another look.
horse heads The planters are substantial, with the fixture mounted behind.
Haeger TV Lamp This distinctive offering from Haeger Potteries is often said to represent an Egyptian Princess. Photos courtesy of a donation from Sedro Woolley, Washington.
Haeger TV Lamp Back view.
Haeger TV Lamp She makes for quite a display when lit!
Chalkware TV lamp This charming chalkware TV lamp is a well thought-out design, with the shade being an important element of the composition. The oriental (Persian?) figures are nicely sculpted as well. Photos courtesy of eBay seller vanmantwo.
Chalkware TV lamp Back view. Unfortunately, this one isn't marked as to the maker.
Chalkware TV lamp Here it is, all a-glow!
Sierra-Columbia planter/lamp with figure Sierra-Columbia also made an unknown number of designs that included figurines, such as this planter/lamp with an oriental woman. Photos courtesy of eBay seller byusales.
Sierra-Columbia planter/lamp with figure Close-up figurine.
Sierra-Columbia planter/lamp with figure The various components separated.
Sierra-Columbia planter/lamp with Polynesian figures value:  rarity:
I love this lamp! Sierra-Columbia made a number of these planter/lamps with figures, but this one with the Polynesian/Hawaiian theme is my favorite.
Sierra-Columbia planter/lamp with country-western dancers value:  rarity:
Same format as the tropical lamp above, but this time featuring western dancers!
Sierra-Columbia planter/lamp with country-western dancers The filigree base is common to several lamps, the planter and figurines being interchangable.
Pink Lady TV lamp This is one cool TV lamp! It just reeks of mid-century design, doesn't it? Unfortunately, this great lamp isn't marked as to the maker. Photos courtesy of Cindy from Fort Worth, Texas.
Pink Lady TV lamp Close-up.
Pink Lady TV lamp Side view.
Pink Lady TV lamp Back view.
I.A.S. TV Lamp Of a similar style to other I.A.S. lamps, this one depicts a domestic scene. Photos courtesy of Tom from Lancaster, New Hampshire.
I.A.S. TV Lamp Back view.  It is marked © 1935 I.A.S. Co.
McCoy Mermaid TV lamp Seldom seen and not generally recognized as a McCoy product, this "Shell and Mermaid" TV lamp is identified in Jeffrey B. Snyder's fine book, McCoy Pottery. Photos courtesy of eBay seller, beardnlady.
McCoy Mermaid TV lamp Back view. This lamp is found in several other colors as well.
Alert Lamp Mfg. TV Lamp value:  rarity:
This Alert Lamp Mfg. TV lamp is very similar, but not identical, to the Vim-o-Lite Comedy/Tragedy lamp. As with the lamp above, this one has the Alert Lamp Mfg. Co. mark stamped on the yellow felt base. Photo courtesy of eBay seller, missdhs.
Pittsburgh Statuary TV lamp value:  rarity:
This exotic lady must have ruled proudly over a television back in the day! The marking on the back reads, PGH Statuary Co. Photos courtesy of noelmarie in Pittsburgh.
Pittsburgh Statuary TV lamp Back view.
A.W. Reiser TV Lamp value:  rarity:
This western scene from A.W. Reiser is a particularly rare lamp. Photos courtesy of eBay seller, ddavidd.
A.W. Reiser TV Lamp Back view.
A.W. Reiser TV Lamp As with their peacock lamp, this Reiser lamp bears strongly worded warnings against copyright infringement.
L.M. Fielack TV lamp value:  rarity:
A free-spirited woman makes a striking pose on this chalkware TV lamp by L.M. Fielack. Photos courtesy of eBay seller, flyingtjr.
L.M. Fielack TV lamp Back view.
L.M. Fielack TV lamp As always, the Fielack name is prominently displayed.
Du-Kane Art TV Lamp value:  rarity:
This chalkware Du-Kane Art lamp looks a great deal like those from I.A.S. Co., but it is unclear whether the similarity is based on company affiliations or copying. Photos courtesy of Amy from Ransomville, NY.
Du-Kane Art TV Lamp Close-up.
Du-Kane Art TV Lamp The back of our indian warrior lamp is marked, Du-Kane Art, ©1936 R.L.
Phil-Mar TV Lamp value:  rarity:
A very distinctive design, I'm not clear as to the subject of this Phil-Mar TV lamp...a Roman soldier? A Hawaiian King? In any case it's a real beauty, with a great finish that has an antiqued bronze look. Photos courtesy of Jim from Chico, California.
Phil-Mar TV Lamp Another angle.
Phil-Mar TV Lamp Back view.
F.A.I.P. TV Lamp value:  rarity:
Looking vaguely like a Henry Moore sculpture, this F.A.I.P. TV lamp is similar to the mid-century designs of Frederick Weinberg. Photos courtesy of Michael & Marci from Stinesville, Indiana.
F.A.I.P. Art TV Lamp Back view.
F.A.I.P. Art TV Lamp The red bulb is a nice addition to this monochromatic design.
Colonial Art Creations TV lamp value:  rarity:
A much more elegant design than was typical in TV lamps from the early '50s, this one from Colonial Art Creations is a real stand-out. Photos courtesy of eBay seller, onewhiterose2.
Colonial Art Creations TV lamp Back view.
Colonial Art Creations TV lamp The back is plainly marked, Copr. 1951 Colonial Art Creations.
Chalkware Ballerina Lamp value:  rarity:
While unmarked, this plaster ballerina TV lamp is similar in style to the L.M. Fielack designs. Photos courtesy of eBay seller, ajglass.
Chalkware Ballerina Lamp Back view.
Chalkware Ballerina Lamp One more look.
Haeger TV Lamp value:  rarity:
This one is a real prize. Called the R1239 Bronco T.V. Planter in the Haeger catalogs, it is rare and extremely valuable. Photos courtesy of Hugh Mosher, Toronto.
Haeger TV Lamp Back view.
Haeger TV Lamp This angle shows the holes that accomodated the socket mounting and and on/off switch, absent from this example.
Chalkware TV Lamp value:  rarity:
I'm not sure if this is a Hawaiian motif or Egyptian (Cleopatra?), but this chalkware lamp isn't found often. Maker unknown.
Chalkware TV Lamp Back view.
L.M. Fielack TV lamp value:  rarity:
This representation of the holy family is a particularly lovely effort from L.M. Fielack. Photos courtesy of eBay seller, gallerybr.
L.M. Fielack TV lamp Back view.
L.M. Fielack TV lamp Most of the products of L.M. Fielack are marked clearly as such, but this one only says, ©L.M.F.
L.M. Fielack TV lamp A close-up.
Electro Mfg. TV lamp value:  rarity:
Unlike other known Electro Manufacturing TV lamps, this "Young Davy Crockett" design features airbrushed coloration. Photos courtesy of eBay seller, tintaxi.
Electro Mfg. TV lamp Back view. One characteristic shared with other Electro lamps is the diminutive size, this one being just five inches tall.
Electro Mfg. TV lamp A top view reveals the bulb placement. It was probably also sold in a planter version, as was Electro's Swan.
Electro Mfg. TV lamp An Electrolite label is found on the bottom.
Lane TV lamp value:  rarity:
This "woodland nymph" by Lane & Co. is most often found as a decorative figurine. The TV lamp version is extremely rare.
Lane TV lamp Back view.
Lane TV lamp Close-up.
Barsony Ceramics TV Lamp value:  rarity:
This bikini-clad woman is silhouetted to great effect on this Barsony lamp.
Barsony Ceramics TV Lamp Side view.
Barsony Ceramics TV Lamp All lit up!
mermaid TV Lamp value:  rarity:
I haven't come across one of these mermaid lamps with a label, but I suspect it's by Phil-Mar.
mermaid TV Lamp Back view.
Modern Art Products Pirate Lamp value:  rarity:
How many pirate TV lamps were designed? I think this one from Modern Art Products is it!
Haeger TV Lamp value:  rarity:
This "Woman and Deer" lamp by Haeger Potteries is a beauty, and extremely rare.
Haeger TV Lamp Back view.

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