Owl TV Lamps

Owl weren't a particularly common subject for TV lamps, but a few diverse interpretations of the theme were produced. With the exception of the Kron design, most owl TV lamps are scarce. The distinctive Leland Claes owl is particularly rare.

Kron Owl value:  rarity:
The Texans Incorporated K559 Owl TV Lamp is fairly common with this coloration, but is sometimes found in white.  Designers Kron and Gunter made a single example of the owl TV lamp in a mother-of-pearl finish at the special request of a close friend.  Whereabouts of that lamp is unknown.  As with the Bear and the Bull & Brands, the owl was also produced as a table lamp, an extremely rare variation.
Kron Owl value:  rarity:
A beautiful example of the rare white Kron Owl.  Photos courtesy of Woodland Trace Collectibles/Bill Keller, Knoxville, TN.
back view Rear-view of the Kron Owl.
nos Kron owl What's better than finding a Kron owl TV lamp?  Finding a new one! This lamp is what is known as "new-old stock", or NOS.  It has been in its original box and shipping carton since, well...since it was packed!
Kron owl A close-up of the electrical parts shows the unused condition.  All of the original labels are present, including the "Do not use over 25w bulb" warning.  The socket has never held a bulb, the plug has never been in an outlet, the twist-tie has never been off the cord. The cord is still flexible and shows no evidence of age!
Marcia TV Lamp value:  rarity:
Few owl TV lamps were made, and this one by Marcia of California is a beauty! It is clearly less naturalistic (and less spooky!) than the Kron owl.  Photos courtesy of John from Clarkston, Michigan.
Marcia TV Lamp Back view of the Marcia of Calif. owl.
Maddux Owl value:  rarity:
This one from Maddux of California is curious as it's dated 1970, roughly ten years after most TV lamp production had ceased. It's possible that it wasn't marketed as a TV lamp, but rather a night-light for a child's room. Photo courtesy of Woodland Trace Collectibles/Bill Keller, Knoxville, TN.
Claes owl value:  rarity:
Just when I was about to get over the shock of finding a Claes horse TV lamp, here comes this crazy looking owl! Photos courtesy of Mike Nollette of Spokane, Washington.
Claes owl A face that only a mother could love! That nose...
Claes owl The bottom shows a copyright date of '54.
Lane Owl value:  rarity:
A very rare owl from Lane. Certainly a late production style, the mold is impressed, Lane Ceramics, rather than the Lane & Co. marking usually found on their products. Photos courtesy of eBay seller, of the best!
Lane Owl While the pottery is marked Lane Ceramics, an earlier Lane & Co. UL label was used on the fixture.

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