Musical Themes

I hadn't considered making a category for TV lamps with a musical theme, but one day it dawned on me just how many there were! All sorts of musical instruments, violins, pianos, accordions, a saxophone, an electric guitar...even an antique Victrola has been represented.

Accordion TV lamp This rare accordion TV lamp is rare, and has been known to generate frenzied bidding the few times it's been at auction. The only lamp that tops this one is the version with "Lawrence Welk" emblazoned on it.
back view Back view of the accordion TV lamp. The glaze is beige in color with a mother-of-pearl finish.
Lawrence Welk TV lamp This Lawrence Welk accordion TV lamp is possibly more coveted by collectors than any other, bringing $$$ at auction. Many thanks to Mike and Cindy of Bakersfield, California for the photos!
Beachcomber Potteries label The Beachcomber Potteries label is on the side of the Lawrence Welk lamp.
Lawrence Welk TV lamp Back view.
Ever-Art phonograph This Victrola-style phonograph TV lamp from the Ever-Art Pottery Co. is unusual to say the least! Photos courtesy of Audrey Hart, from northwest Missouri.
Ever-Art phonograph From the side you can see the faux crank and phonograph needle.
Ever-Art phonograph Here's a back view...quite a contraption!
Ever-Art label An Ever-Art Pottery Co. label is found on the bottom indicating Los Angeles, California as their home.
Beauceware TV lamp This piano TV lamp from Beauceware is a great design! Photos courtesy of Pat from Ontario.
Beauceware TV lamp Making clever use of the laced fiberglass popular in the day, the shade becomes a strong element in the design.
Beauceware TV lamp The piano lamp is clearly marked as Beauceware model #1152.
P.G. Mfg. Co. Clock, planter, TV Lamp The TV lamp that has it all! This TV lamp from P.G. Manufacturing Co. is a versatile little number, with a clock and dual planters. Also found in white, the clock is from Sessions. Photos courtesy of Terri Farrar.
P.G. Mfg. Co. Clock, planter, TV Lamp Not the only TV lamp with a musical theme, this one is done to great effect. Light comes through the musical notes across the bottom.
P.G. Mfg. Co. Clock, planter, TV Lamp The back of the lamp is marked P.G. Mfg. Co., while a foil label on the front declares it to be Genuine Howell China. It is also stamped MLO on the bottom.
Lane TV Lamp Lane & Co. probably made this violin in the mid-to-late '60s. It is part of a series of instruments produced by Lane that also included an electric guitar and a saxophone. Photos courtesy of Elaine from North Carolina.
Lane TV Lamp Back view of the Lane violin shows the Christmas tree style of fixture used. All the lamps in this series were very thinly cast and prone to breakage.
Melrose Violin TV Lamp Musical instruments occasionally were the subject of TV lamps, as in this one from Melrose Lamps. Photos courtesy of Rita from upstate New York.
Melrose Violin TV Lamp Close-up.
Melrose Violin TV Lamp Here it is in all its illuminated glory!
Alert Lamp Mfg. TV Lamp This Alert TV lamp is very similar, but not identical, to the Comedy/Tragedy lamp made by Vim-o-Lite. Photo courtesy of eBay seller, missdhs.
Lane TV lamp value:  rarity:
This saxaphone is another entry in Lane's musical instrument line.
Lane TV lamp The sax shown from above.

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