The Moderamics brand is puzzling, as the only TV lamp I've come across with that marking, the one shown below, is a known Phil-Mar design. The Moderamics version is identical to Phil-Mar's, right down to the coloration and dripped glaze. I've seen a vase with a foil label reading, Moderamics Cleveland Ceramics, Cleveland being the home of Phil-Mar. It's possible that Phil-Mar used the Moderamics name for a time (unlikely), or perhaps marketed a line of products under the name.

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This Moderamics TV lamp is clearly a carbon copy of one produced by Phil-Mar, and I suspect that the Moderamics name was used on some items made by the Cleveland, Ohio company.
Moderamics TV Lamp Back view.
Moderamics TV Lamp You can't miss the marking on the bottom that reads: Moderamics USA 2586. One curious thing about this lamp is the location of the switch and cord. It wasn't cast with the same provision for the switch as seen on Phil-Mar's version, being placed instead beneath the handle. Also, the cord is fed through a tiny hole that looks to be an afterthought. In fact, it seems to have been drilled after casting, as the pottery is broken on the inside around the hole! A post-sale planter-to-lamp conversion? Possibly, but the hole for the switch would have been tough to drill.
Moderamics TV Lamp The high quality of the glaze and its similarity to that of Phil-Mar products tells me that they were undoubtedly the manufacturer of Moderamics items.

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