Miramar Pottery Co.

The Miramar Pottery Co. of Los Angeles began in 1952, with production coming to an end sometime in the '70s. I've heard it said that they switched to the manufacture of plastic dinnerware sometime in the late '50s, but I haven't been able to verify that claim. Somewhat undervalued, Miramar lamps are greatly varied in style and are fine examples of California pottery.

pink planter value:  rarity:
One of the less common examples of the "planter on a metal base" theme.
Miramar marking Hard to see in this photo, the Miramar marking is on the left.
green Miramar planter value:  rarity:
This planter is a significantly different design than the previous one. Miramar chose to apply a jade green textured finish on this example, a style that they used on planters and other items as well.
Miramar marking The bottom of the planter is marked "Miramar of California, 1952".
Miramar TV lamp value:  rarity:
While this Miramar of California planter/TV lamp bears a superficial similarity to the previous one, it is from an entirely different mold. Photos courtesy of Dan from Chilton, WI.
Miramar TV lamp Even the plated metal base is unique to this planter/lamp. This chartreuse design is pretty rare in comparison to the deep green one above.
Miramar TV lamp While difficult to see, the base of the planter is dated 1955.
Miramar planter/lamp value:  rarity:
Planter/lamps such as this one were Miramar's stock and trade, at least in the area of TV lamps. They were often in an oriental style, and the deep green was used frequently.
Miramar planter/lamp The bottom is marked, "Miramar, California, 1952".
Miramar Cat value:  rarity:
While cats were a frequent subject of TV lamps, seldom were they given the abstract treatment seen in this example from Miramar. This is undoubtedly my favorite Miramar TV lamp. It's one crazy cat, daddy-o! Photos courtesy of Anne from Annes*Tiques.
Miramar Cat Here's a profile of the Miramar cat TV lamp. I've also seen this one in turquoise and in chartreuse, but always with a white cat.
Miramar mark Marking on the back says, Miramar of Calif ©1956 640.
Miramar Cat An overview of the back.
Miramar Cat The planter is very deep, and would be ideal for long-stemmed flowers!
Miramar Cat Miramar's cat looks good in green as well. Photos courtesy of eBay seller, glasskats.
Miramar Cat Side view.
Miramar Cat Definitely a cat with attitude.
Miramar Cat Here's the Miramar marking on the back of the planter.
Miramar Bamboo TV lamp value:  rarity:
The '50s saw tremendous interest in the old west and outer space, but many forget that exotic Polynesian themes were everywhere. Soldiers returning from the pacific brought with them a fascination with what came to be known simply as "Tiki". Tiki was seen in music and designs of all sorts, and it's rather surprising that such influence isn't found more often in TV lamps. The bamboo on this lamp was given a three-dimensional look by airbrushing brown over the chartreuse base. The bottom is faintly marked Miramar and includes an illegible year.
Miramar Dragon TV lamp value:  rarity:
Looking very similar to the Miramar Bamboo TV lamp shown above, this one is highly textured and decorated with a dragon. Thanks to Niki from Mesquite, Texas for the photos!
Miramar Dragon Top view shows the chartreuse glaze that, as with the bamboo TV lamp, is the base color upon which the texture has been added.
Miramar marking Whereas the bamboo TV lamp is marked so lightly as to be scarcely visible, this one has a clear Miramar marking on the bottom. Besides the Miramar of Calif marking, these vase-like dragon lamps are usually also marked TVL. Some have the additional name WALSCO, the significance of which is unknown.
Miramar TV Lamp value:  rarity:
Now this is a planter-lamp! Miramar of California probably marketed this mega-planter/lamp as both a TV lamp and an illuminated table centerpiece. Photos courtesy of eBay seller, estates4u.
Miramar TV Lamp Wow...what a presentation!
Miramar TV Lamp value:  rarity:
This Miramar deer is rare and distinctive.
Miramar TV Lamp Miramar typically used prominent markings, and this one is no exception.

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