Melrose-Lamps Co.

I currently have no information regarding the chalkware TV lamp manufacturer Melrose-Lamps Co.

Melrose lady matador value:  rarity:
After acquiring hundreds of ceramic TV lamps, this is my first chalkware lamp. The use of a female matador adds charm to this interesting design. It is marked "Melrose-Lamps Co." on the back.
back view Back view of the lady matador TV lamp.
Melrose Violin TV Lamp value:  rarity:
Musical instruments occasionally were the subject of TV lamps, as in this one from Melrose Lamps. Photos courtesy of Rita from upstate New York.
Melrose Violin TV Lamp Close-up.
Melrose Violin TV Lamp Here it is in all its illuminated glory!
Melrose TV Lamp value:  rarity:
This TV lamp from Melrose-Lamps has to be the most charming design ever rendered in plaster. The skill put into sculpting the lamp, and the beautifully executed details, make this one a winner! Photos courtesy of an eBayer from Lebanon, PA.
Melrose TV Lamp The back reveals a small fiberglass shade that casts a glow around the children's legs.
Melrose TV Lamp Here's the © Melrose marking.
Melrose TV Lamp value:  rarity:
Melrose Lamps selected a popular subject-matter, an exotic couple from a distant land, with this plaster lamp.
Melrose TV Lamp Back view.
Melrose TV Lamp The Melrose marking can be found on the back.

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