Marcia of California

I see the products of Marcia of California all the time, usually in the form of ashtrays, relish dishes and wall pockets, but TV lamps are less common. The history of this maker is unknown.

Marica of Calif. Covered Wagon value:  rarity:
Covered wagons were a popular theme, often done in wood and canvas. Marcia of Calif. opted to make their version from pottery. Photos courtesy of Ferniemax of Santa Rosa, CA.
back view A look at the back of the Marcia of Calif. TV lamp. I recently acquired a variation of this TV lamp that has no Marcia of California marking, and has an indention on the back that was obviously intended to be a switch location. (but the switch is in the same place as the one pictured here!) They're identical otherwise, and my guess is that my lamp is an early production example.
Marica of Calif. mark This covered wagon is marked on the back.
Covered Wagon Here's one more look!
Marcia of California Ship value:  rarity:
A common lamp found in many different colors, few have the Marcia of California marking found on this example. Photos courtesy of Bill from Uxbridge, Massachusetts.
back view Back view of the Marcia ship.
back view A look at the Marcia of California marking on the back of the ship.
Marcia TV Lamp value:  rarity:
Undoubtedly one of the less common Marcia of California designs. Photos courtesy of an eBayer from Harvard, Illinois.
Marcia TV Lamp On the back one can see the Marcia of California marking.
Marcia TV Lamp Top view.
Marcia TV Lamp The use of translucent clay makes this hearth lamp a real fireplace!
Marcia TV Lamp value:  rarity:
Few owl TV lamps were made, and this one by Marcia of California is a beauty! It is clearly less naturalistic (and less spooky!) than the Kron owl.  Photos courtesy of John from Clarkston, Michigan.
Marcia TV Lamp Back view of the Marcia of Calif. owl.
Marcia TV Lamp value:  rarity:
This "Swan with Baby" TV lamp by Marcia of California is a distinctive, seldom-seen design. Photos courtesy of Gopher Gifts.
Marcia TV Lamp Different angle.
Marcia TV Lamp One more look.
Marcia TV Lamp value:  rarity:
This leaf TV lamp is indicative of the diversity of the Marcia of California products.
Marcia TV Lamp Back view.

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