M&M Mfg. Co.

I don't know if the M&M Manufacturing Company was actually a pottery or merely an assembler, and this is the only piece I've come across (so far) that can be positively identified as having come from the Amarillo, Texas company.

M&M Mfg. Co. TV Lamp value:  rarity:
Just a variation on the "Aladdin's Lamp" theme? Hardly... this baby from M&M Manufacturing is both a lamp and vaporizer! Photos courtesy of Stephen Mihalak from Highland Village, Texas.
M&M Mfg. Co. TV Lamp Here's the back of the amazing "Vape-o-Lamp". (I just made that up!)
M&M Mfg. Co. TV Lamp Top view.
M&M Mfg. Co. TV Lamp Ok, the truth comes was really called an "Aladdin Magic Vaporizer". My name was better.

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