Due to their exclusive use of paper labels, Luminart TV lamps often go uncredited. Founded by Julius "Juddy" Traum in the 1920s as the Deco Lampshade Co., the company later became Luminart Lampshade Products Inc., and finally changed to Sheridan Industries Inc. in the 1950s. The labeled TV lamps I've seen read "Sheridan China by Luminart". Originally located in New York City, the firm relocated to Jersey City, New Jersey in the '60s (maintaining NYC offices), and closed their doors in 1975. The TV lamps, as well as other products, were designed by Martin Deutsch, who went by the name "Marti of Hollywood".  He was probably best known for his head vases.

Luminart TV Lamp value:  rarity:
It was years before I found that this TV lamp was by Luminart. It's a beautifully sculpted and executed lamp, and seldom found with the "Genuine Sheridan China by Luminart" label! Photos courtesy of Rene from Springfield, Oregon.
Luminart TV Lamp The back is as lovingly sculpted as the front!
Luminart TV Lamp The base is unmarked, except for a single letter, which is probably an "M" for Martin Deutsch/Marti of Hollywood.
horse head This Luminart TV lamp is a favorite of my pal Bill Keller, who graciously consented to share his photo. Photo courtesy of Woodland Trace Collectibles/Bill Keller, Knoxville, TN.
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Obviously the "tree root" genre never caught on, but it's a pretty lamp all the same! One of the many Luminart TV lamps that are often missing their paper label.
Luminart gazelle value:  rarity:
This nice Luminart gazelle can be found in several colors. Photo courtesy of xclntreasures, Belsano, Pennsylvania.
Luminart TV lamp value:  rarity:
I haven't a clue as to what sort of critter Luminart intended this to be, but it's pretty cool!
Luminart TV lamp Back view of the Luminart TV lamp.
Luminart shell value:  rarity:
Similar in concept to the products of other makers, Luminart's shell is an attractive lamp nonetheless. Photos courtesy of Michelle from Moscow, Idaho.
Luminart shell Back view. This example is special in that it retains the original hang-tag.
Luminart shell Luminart must have invented the concept of corporate "branding", as they were more than happy to toss around trade names! The hang-tag promotes this being a Sheridan Lamp and designed by Marti of Hollywood. The Sheridan Lamp reference is unusual, as it's more common to read, Genuine Sheridan China on their products. The company is called Luminart Lampshade Prod's Inc. N.Y.C. in this instance.
Luminart TV Lamp value:  rarity:
Probably the most common Luminart TV lamp.
Luminart TV Lamp The back reveals a foil Luminart label.

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