Lawrin Company

While they certainly produced a number of TV lamps, few can be positively identified as being from The Lawrin Company. They appear to have had a presence in both Chicago, Illinois and Kosciusko, Mississipi during their existence. Clearly not a household name, I'm hoping to find more information on The Lawrin Company soon.

Lawrin Ship TV Lamp value:  rarity:
Similar to Lampcrafts ship, this TV lamp from The Lawrin Co. isn't found as often. Photos courtesy of Jodie at Granny's Cleaning House.
Lawrin Ship TV Lamp Back view.
Lawrin Co. Hang-Tag This rare hang-tag is how we know of this maker and can attribute these lamps to them.
Lawrin Co. Panther value:  rarity:
I'm a little perplexed by this one. It has an original Lawrin hang-tag, but seems identical to the panther lamp made by the Royal China & Novelty Company. Photos courtesy of eBay seller, indainboy43.
Lawrin Co. Panther Back view.
Lawrin Co. Panther Here's a look at the incomplete Lawrin tag. It is clearly different from the one on their ship lamp shown above.

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