TV Lamp Star Ratings

The star ratings that accompany the TV lamp photos/descriptions are intended to give collectors, particularly new collectors, an idea of the value and rarity of the various designs. They are nothing more than one persons opinion, much like the values found in reference books. I chose a somewhat vague star system because dollar amounts can fluctuate considerably, and eBay auction prices and "book values" are worlds apart. I'm often asked to give TV lamp values by e-mail, and am always happy to share my thoughts. The star ratings will be adjusted from time-to-time as warranted.

values: This is a five-star scale of values, be it auction prices or retail values. As you might guess, a lamp that's assigned is typically available for very little money, whereas one that gets will frequently bring in excess of $500.

rarity: This refers to the difficulty in finding a particular lamp. A is extremely common, and a is next to impossible to find.

A valuable lamp isn't always one of the rarest, and some extremely rare lamps have little monetary value. I opted to use both ratings for that very reason. Many factors determine collector's interest in a given lamp, including appearance (attractiveness and/or uniqueness), a desirable manufacturer (the Haeger name always adds interest, for example), and the rarity. All these elements influence value, and is why a very rare lamp might be practically worthless in the marketplace... few people are after uninteresting lamps from an unknown maker, however rare!

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