TV lamps now at auction on eBay

Here's a nifty collection of searches that I myself use when looking for lamps on eBay. They should provide the maximum number of relevant lamps with minimum junk.

Lamp Manufacturers/Designers:

Find lamps sculpted by the California designer Leland Claes.
Econolite motion lamps
The leader in motion lamps, Econolite made today's most popular models.
Haeger Potteries
(and/or Royal Hickman) Includes all Haeger lamps.
L.A. Goodman motion lamps
Motion lamps by L.A. Goodman Manufacturing.
Helmscene Illuminated Pictures
Back-lit pictures by Helms Products.
Hollywood Ceramics
Includes all Hollywood Ceramics products.
Kron/Texans Incorporated
Products of Texans Inc., designed by Howard Kron.
Lane & Company
Ceramics by Lane & Co., one of the largest California potteries.
Maddux of California
Lamps from Maddux of California.
Products from the Cleveland, Ohio pottery, Phil-Mar Corporation.
One of the most collectible makes, North Dakota's Rosemeade Potteries.

Lamp Styles:

TV lamps styled after domestic cats, most of the siamese variety.
Dog TV lamps, including bassets, poodles, bulldogs, afghan hounds, etc.
All sorts of duck lamps, particularly mallards.
Horse TV lamps.
Panthers and other Big Cats
Certainly the most popular category, panther lamps.

Other Searches:

California pottery
All sorts of California-made pottery.
Chalkware TV lamps
TV lamps made of plaster rather than ceramics.
'50s lamps
All types of mid-century lamps.

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