Kissner Industries

Kissner Industries was established in Madison, Wisconsin in the late 1950's by Larry and Jo Kissner. Larry was a very entrepreneurial guy and tried a number of interesting ideas, including this "Tri-Wonder Lamp". The concept of the lamps centered around incandescent bulbs with a depression at the top. This depression held tablets that could contain insecticide and/or fragrance. The lamps were originally developed by the Miracle Lamp Company, which was renamed Kissner Industries as additional products were marketed. Not a pottery manufacturer, Kissner out-sourced their ceramics. Many thanks to Chuck Kissner for the information!

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This is exciting...1950s technology at it's best, The Tri-Wonder, from Kissner Industries. What initially appears to be your basic TV lamp is actually an bug repellant/anti-odor supercenter! Photos courtesy of Pat Ferguson, Richwood, Ohio.
back view From this view you can see two labels that explain all that this amazing lamp does. A spectacular combination of electrical and chemical power, one can only guess what the nuclear version would have been capable of! It is interesting to note that all the Tri-Wonder lamps (the ones I'm aware of) were of the Comedy-Tragedy theme, but of differing designs. Some used the style shown here (unknown maker), while others were based on the Haeger Potteries design.
label 1 This label emphasizes that only "Genuine Tri-Wonder Westinghouse odorout bulbs and de-fly-er chemical tablets" are to be used.
label 2 The second label brandishes the Tri-Wonder emblem, and states the three issues addressed: ODOR-INSECTS-LIGHT. Manufacturer is shown to be Kissner Industries, Inc., Madison, Wisconsin.
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This one doesn't bear the Kissner/Tri-Wonder labels, and could be a similar product from an entirely different company. This example is built around the Haeger Potteries Comedy-Tragedy TV lamp. Photos courtesy of eBay seller, ocfitness.
Kissner Tri-Wonder Lamp Top view.
Kissner Tri-Wonder Lamp This shot reveals the myriad of bulbs.
Kissner Tri-Wonder Lamp value:  rarity:
Very different from their more common comedy-tragedy models, this Kissner "Tri-Wonder" is a simple cylindrical design. Photos courtesy of Chuck Kissner.
Kissner Tri-Wonder Lamp Here's the business-end of the cylindrical Tri-Wonder. This view shows the depression at the top of the bulb that held the fragrance/insect repellant tablets.
Kissner Tri-Wonder Lamp Close-up of the Kissner label on the felt base.
Kissner Tri-Wonder Lamp An original Tri-Wonder bulb. Not many of these around!

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