Kirkwood Industries

Kirkwood Industries was a Los Angeles-based manufacturer of lamps and fiberglass shades. Not many examples of Kirkwood TV lamps have surfaced, and little company history is known. Sometime in the '50s the company was purchased by east coast-based Nova Lighting, at which time it became Nova of California. In time, production shifted to lamps made of plexiglass, fiberglass and acrylic, with pole lamps also added to the line. Nova Lighting is still active, designing lamps in California for production overseas.

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Looking vaguely like a Miramar design, this Kirkwood TV lamp was given an oriental flavor, much in-vogue at the time. Photos courtesy of Richard Turbin.
Kirkwood TV lamp Understated vase-type TV lamps were common, and no doubt appealed to those who felt that pink poodles or pirate ships were just a bit too much.
Kirkwood TV lamp Another view of the black Kirkwood TV lamp. I've also found this one in chartreuse.
Kirkwood TV lamp This foil label is the only marking I've seen that indicates Kirkwood as the manufacturer.

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