Hedi Schoop

Swiss-born Hedi Schoop left Germany in the 1930s for Hollywood, California. An accomplished dancer, she abandoned the theater to escape the rise of Nazi power. Once in Hollywood she began experimenting first in plaster and later in pottery, opening a large facility for pottery production in 1940. She soon became one of California's most respected manufacturers of ceramic products. Hedi Schoop Art Creations came to an end in 1958, when fire destroyed the pottery. Hedi Schoop TV lamps aren't common, and typically bring top dollar. One of the most prized TV lamps of all is Hedi Schoop's "Skyscrapers" lamp, a large design with oddly canted buildings.

Hedi Schoop Comedy-Tragedy TV Lamp value:  rarity:
This Hedi Schoop comedy-tragedy lamp follows traditional lines, but has a flair that others lack. Rare. Photos courtesy of John Dyer.
Hedi Schoop TV lamp Back view of the Hedi Schoop comedy-tragedy TV lamp.
Hedi Schoop marking Close-up of the Hedi Schoop marking.
Hedi Schoop TV lamp Here's another color variation of the comedy/tragedy.
Hedi Schoop TV lamp Back view.
Hedi Schoop TV lamp One more look.
Hedi Schoop TV lamp value:  rarity:
One of the rarest and most desirable of all TV lamps, this skyscrapers design by Hedi Schoop is spectacular!
Hedi Schoop TV lamp Back view of the skyscrapers lamp.

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