Gilner Pottery Co.

The Gilner Pottery Company was a family affair, owned and operated by Beryle Gilner.  (It has been said that his son Burt was involved with the company, but that cannot be confirmed)  They produced various ceramic goods out of their Culver City, California plant from 1934 until it was destroyed by fire in 1958.  Best known for their pixie figurines (elf-like figures), they were also responsible for numerous TV lamps, often depicted in a rather art-deco style.

Gilner Deer value:  rarity:
Blue is a seldom seen color on TV lamps, and this one is a particularly attractive shade. It's a beautifully sleek lamp with elegant, art-deco styling.
Gilner mark Gilner lamps have a simple manufacturers mark, often with a model number.
Gilner Plant value:  rarity:
Another attractive, highly stylized Gilner lamp, this one with airbrushed gold detailing.
Gilner Plant Same lamp, but in turquoise. Photos courtesy of Woodland Trace Collectibles/Bill Keller, Knoxville, TN.
back view Back view.
Gilner Angel Fish value:  rarity:
Very attractive Gilner Angelfish lamp! Photo courtesy of Norma Belmonte, Necedah, WI.
Gilner Fish Lamp Same as the lamp above, but in chartreuse with a white dripped glaze. Photo courtesy of Woodland Trace Collectibles/Bill Keller, Knoxville, TN.
back view Back view of the lamp above. The Gilner marking can be seen on the base.
Gilner Planter value:  rarity:
I found this beauty in a large antique store in Sweetwater, TX. The store was off the main drag and looked like we were the first people to visit in a while!
Gilner mark Same lamp, showing the script-style Gilner mark.
Gilner horse value:  rarity:
This distinctive Gilner TV lamp was produced in numerous colors, including green, blue, chartreuse, white, black, pink...and that's just the ones that I can recall at the moment! Some have a dripped glaze like this black one, and others had airbrushed accents.
Gilner horse Here's the back of the Gilner horse.
Gilner TV Lamp/Planter value:  rarity:
Undoubtedly Gilner produced few of these planter/TV lamps, as they are quite scarce. Photos courtesy of Barbara from Fremont, Ohio.
Gilner TV Lamp/Planter Back view of the pink Gilner planter/lamp.
Gilner TV Lamp/Planter The Gilner marking is clearly visible on the bottom.

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