Ever-Art Pottery Co.

I've not seen too many products of the Ever-Art Pottery Co., but the ones I have come across have been highly original. Besides the phonograph TV lamp shown here, I've also seen an antique telephone "figurine" that matches it closely.

Ever-Art phonograph value:  rarity:
This Victrola-style phonograph TV lamp is unusual to say the least! Truly an example of inspired design, these came in several colors. Photos courtesy of Audrey Hart, from northwest Missouri.
Ever-Art phonograph From the side you can see the faux crank and phonograph needle.
Ever-Art phonograph Here's a back view...quite a contraption!
Ever-Art label An Ever-Art Pottery Co. label is found on the bottom indicating Los Angeles, California as their home.
Ever-Art phonograph At the risk of being redundant, here's a look at another example of the same design, this one in chartreuse. I've also seen it in a dark green. Photos are courtesy of my pal Linda Buchanan of Newbury Park, California.
Ever-Art phonograph Side view.
Ever-Art phonograph Back view.
Ever-Art phonograph The Ever-Art label.
Ever-Art phonograph The bulb is well hidden, as to not disturb the phonograph styling.

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