Perhaps no manufacturers lamps are so readily identifiable as those of Esco-Lite. The Los Angeles company invariably pursued a "vegetative" theme, sculpting plants and leaves into elegant TV lamps. Their lamps are typically small to medium in size, and adorned with gold detailing.

Esco-Lite Leaf w/Gold value:  rarity:
One of their less common lamps, this leaf has airbrushed color with hand painted gold accents.
Esco-Lite label The Esco-Lite label is present, but there's not much left of it.
Esco-Lite Leaf Vase value:  rarity:
Using the same colors as the previous lamp, this one has a vase-like shape and is larger.
Esco-Lite label No Esco-Lite label on this one, but has the name stamped on the felt bottom.
Esco-Lite Leaves value:  rarity:
This abstract Esco-Lite plant lamp is a knockout! Photos courtesy of Robert, Montreal Canada.
CSA label Rather than the more common Underwriter's Laboratories label, the lamp pictured above meets the approval of the Canadian equivalent, the CSA.
Esco-Lite Leaves Same lamp as above, this time in green.
back view The back view of the Esco-Lite lamp.
Esco-Lite Lilly value:  rarity:
Probably the most common Esco-Lite lamp, this lilly is found in several color variations. Similar lamps are also found with other manufacturer's markings. So similar, in fact, that I wonder if Esco-Lite changed their name at some point, or perhaps produced ceramics for other companies.
Esco-Lite Lilly Same lamp as above, but in a rich shade of green. Photo courtesy of Lucy, San Luis Obispo, California.
Esco-Lite Lilly This uncommon chartreuse lilly is made even more collectible because of the label on it's base. Photos courtesy of Lauren Fraser/dig*retro, Tustin, California.
City of LA label On the back of this lamps base is "CITY OF L.A. APPROVED, BUILDING 8 SAFETY". The significance of this label is unknown, but certainly interesting! I'd appreciate hearing any ideas regarding the meaning of this label. It can be better viewed in close-up.
Esco-Lite Lilly A rather odd color, this is the Esco-Lite Lilly in gray.
Esco-Lite value:  rarity:
This is certainly one of the least common Esco-Lite TV lamps. Photos courtesy of Sam from Highland Village, Texas.
Esco-Lite Back view.
Esco-Lite TV Lamp value:  rarity:
Staying true to their vegetative theme, this Esco-Lite is in the form of some sort of broad-leaf plant. Photos courtesy of eBay seller foundfunk.
Esco-Lite TV Lamp Back view.

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