Enchanto Co.

The Burbank, California-based Enchanto produced a variety of items, including ashtrays, wall pockets and, of course, TV lamps. I have no information regarding their history.

Enchanto TV Lamp value:  rarity:
This one is unusual indeed! These highly stylized leaves with roses are done in very '50s pink. Photos courtesy of Marilyn Most, Loveland, CO.
back view Back view of the Enchanto TV lamp. The Enchanto catalogs called it the R127F 8" Leaf Lamp with Rose.
Enchanto TV Lamp value:  rarity:
Here's a terrific variation of the TV lamp shown above. No roses are present, and rather than the pink glaze, this one has a marbled glaze of blue, pink and! Photos courtesy of eireladdie, the best eBay seller around!
Enchanto TV Lamp Back view.
Enchanto TV Lamp Breathtaking!
Royal Copley Siamese Cats value:  rarity:
This Siamese Cat lamp had been previously attributed incorrectly, by myself and others, to Royal Copley, but it is in fact an Enchanto product. The manufacturers catalog refers to this one as the R411 12" Siamese Cat Lamp. I found this little honey at "Antiques and Fine Things" in Muleshoe, Texas!
Royal Copley Siamese Cats The back of the cat lamp says "Made in Calif. USA". There's also a faint symbol of an artists palette with what could be an "R" in the center.
Royal Copley Siamese Cat value:  rarity:
As with the previous TV lamp this one is unmarked, but it is also from Enchanto. It was called the R415 12" Siamese Cat Lamp w/Fish Bowl. Photos courtesy of Sarah Sandberg of North Bend, Oregon.
Royal Copley Siamese Cat Right-side view with lightswitch.
Royal Copley Siamese Cat On the left are two holes, the purpose of which was to cast light into the accompanying fish bowl, not present with this example.
Royal Copley Siamese Cat Back view.
Enchanto TV Lamp value:  rarity:
An attractive swan TV lamp by Enchanto of California. The Enchanto catalogs from the era called it the E99 8" Swan Lamp. Photos courtesy of Dave from Rochester, New York.
Enchanto TV Lamp Back view.
Enchanto TV Lamp Here's another example of the Enchanto swan TV lamp, this time in a spectacular shade of pink! Photos courtesy of Linda Buchanan from Thousand Oaks, California.
Enchanto TV Lamp Here's another look.
Enchanto TV Lamp Back view of the Enchanto swan.
Enchanto TV Lamp value:  rarity:
Undoubtedly one of the most ambitious designs produced by Enchanto, this dolphin TV lamp was beautifully sculpted. It was decorated with a fabulous swirled glaze of white, pink and gold, a finish that Enchanto used on several of their products.
Enchanto TV Lamp Back view.  Enchanto called it the E126 Dolphin Lamp.

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