Duck TV Lamps

Duck TV lamps were extremely popular, particularly highly detailed mallard's, and gave manufacturers the opportunity to show their creativity and skills with airbrushed color.

Kron Mallard value:  rarity:
The K119 Flying Duck Planter TV Lamp was the first design created by Howard Kron for Texans Incorporated, and while it was made for many years it is still rare today. It is made from two separate molds, over 15 1/2" tall, and very heavy!  The fact that it's larger and more "substantial" than other TV lamps is reflected in the original wholesale price of $4.45 each. It retailed for around $7.00 at a time when most TV lamps sold for under $4.00.  It is also found in a brown simulated-wood finish, rather like that used by Treasure Craft.
Kron Mallard The reverse side of the Kron Mallard.
Kron mark The mallard has the typical Kron "brand."  This lamp carries the Kron marking twice, on the lamp and again on the planter portion.
Kron Mallard value:  rarity:
Same mallard as above, but in a brown finish.  While perhaps less attractive than the brightly colored version, the brown is a bit more rare.
Lane Mallard Duck value:  rarity:
Mallard ducks were one of the common themes used by various makers, and Lane and Company produced several variations.
Lane label This lamp retains the original sticker, which is the only source of identification for many Lane TV lamps.
Lane Mallard Duck value:  rarity:
Another Lane Mallard, this one is quite small. It even uses a Christmas light style of bulb.
mallard While not discernible in this picture, the back of this lamp is marked LANE & CO. VAN NUYS, CALIF USA 1959. In contrast to their frequent use of paper labels, this one has a mark etched into the mold.
Lane Mallard value:  rarity:
Yet another Lane Mallard! This small lamp/planter is very similar to the one shown above. The only significant difference is the planter. Photo courtesy of Tony from MA.
Lane Mallard The back of the lamp seen above shows the tiny socket and bulb used, and is marked with the year it was designed.
Maddux Mallard value:  rarity:
It seems that everyone had to make an airbrushed mallard duck, and this example by Maddux of California was extremely popular. Maddux sold these to retailers for $36 per dozen. Yep, that's $3 each! The small mallard is mounted on a brass base.
Maddux mark The mallard is marked, MADDUX of CALIF. made in USA.
Maddux Mallard value:  rarity:
This Maddux Mallard is considerably less common than the others, and a bit different in design than the many other Mallard TV lamps. Photos courtesy of Patricia Allen.
Maddux label Here's a look at the Maddux label on the Mallard.
Maddux mallard duck value:  rarity:
I always suspected this pretty little duck was by Maddux, and that attribution was recently confirmed on Bob Maddux's website. This one is unmarked.
Maddux mallard value:  rarity:
While unmarked, this one is yet another mallard TV lamp by Maddux of California.
Maddux mallard This is the same mallard as viewed from the back.
mallard duck value:  rarity:
This mallard has a beautiful mother of pearl glaze!
Maddux Two Ducks value:  rarity:
Referred to in a 1960 Maddux catalog (above) as a "Double Duck Accent Lamp", it's interesting that the term "TV lamp" wasn't used in this case. These ducks posing on a branch are in a style reminiscent of another Maddux, one depicting two swan. It's an attractive and rare TV lamp. Photo courtesy of Woodland Trace Collectibles/Bill Keller, Knoxville, TN.
Two Ducks value:  rarity:
This pretty Mar-Lita duck TV lamp is not found too often. Too bad the lead duck has a broken neck, but at least it doesn't appear to be slowing him down! As with all Mar-Lita TV lamps, they were actually produced by Texans Incorporated. Unless the original felt is present and stamped it's impossible to differentiate between them.
Phil-Mar Duck value:  rarity:
The "wings down" design of this Phil-Mar Duck TV lamp is unique among all the various designs.
back of duck The reverse of the Duck lamp.
value:  rarity:
The marketplace had a voracious appetite for mallard lamps, and Maddux (and others) were only too happy to meet the demand. Photos courtesy of Kim Gayheart of Nicholasville, Kentucky.
Back view of the mallard.
Duran's Royal Calif. TV lamp value:  rarity:
Duran's of California must have found it a challenge to keep the mallard in position on the base during firing. It looks rather precarious! Photos courtesy of Marilyn from Red Bluff, California.
Duran's Royal Calif. TV lamp Duran's placed their airbrushed mallard on a planter/base of stylized foliage that was glazed in a solid green.
Duran's Royal Calif. TV lamp This view clearly shows the point at which the planter portion cradles the duck.
Duran's Royal Calif. TV lamp The mallard itself could easily be mistaken for a Lane & Co. or Maddux product.
Duran's Royal Calif. TV lamp One of the two small planters on the Duran's of Calif. mallard lamp.
Duran's Royal Calif. TV lamp The Duran's of Calif. marking. The unglazed white spots were the points at which the lamp was supported by a stilt-like piece during firing. This was a typical method of manufacture, and allowed glazing of the bottom surface.

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