Domestic Cats

There were numerous cat TV lamps produced, primarily Siamese cats, which were extremely popular in the 1950s. Just about all of the major potteries produced a cat lamp of some sort, but the best known examples came from Kron (Texans Inc.), Claes (William Hirsch Mfg.) and Lane & Company.

Kron siamese cats value:  rarity:
This the most frequently seen Kron design and the most attractive of the various Siamese cat TV lamps.  Extremely popular, it was produced in greater numbers than any other product to come out of Texans Inc.  Only produced in the naturalistic colors shown here, any significant color variation (like solid black) is the product of another pottery unlawfully using the design. (A surprisingly common occurrence)  Known at the factory as the K313, they originally sold wholesale for $1.95 each.
stamped felt As is often seen on Kron TV lamps, the cat's original felt is stamped TEXANS INC. Bangs, Texas.  After '71 this stamp had the letter "B" following Texans Inc., denoting production at the Bangs plant, or the letter "D" indicating manufacture at the new Del Rio facility.
Lane Siamese Cats value:  rarity:
One of the two Lane & Co. entries into the popular Siamese Cat TV lamp market. While this "two cat" version is a highly collectible lamp, the "three cat" variation is less common and as a result, more valuable.
Lane Siamese Cats value:  rarity:
This Lane "three cat" TV lamp is extremely popular with collectors, and it's high demand is usually reflected in the prices it brings. Much less common than the "two cat" Lane, it's also hard to find one that hasn't fallen victim to careless handling. Photos courtesy of Woodland Trace Collectibles/Bill Keller, Knoxville, TN.
Lane Siamese Cats A back-view of the Lane Siamese Cat & Kittens.
Claes Siamese Cats value:  rarity:
In a market crowded with Siamese cat lamps, the Claes example is quite distinctive.
Claes mark Wearing a date of 1954, the Siamese cat TV lamp carries the Claes Copyright marking that is found on all Claes lamps.
Wales TV lamp Displaying a blatant disregard for copyright laws, Wales produced this copy of Leland Claes' Siamese Cats. The giveaway is the eyes, which are rather odd-looking. No, it isn't identical to the Claes design, but it's very close!
Wales TV lamp Back view of the Wales cats.
Wales TV lamp Side view.
Wales TV lamp Foil Wales label.
Claes Black Cat value:  rarity:
It was brought to my attention that the Claes cat lamp was also produced in black. This variation is quite rare, as indicated by it's recent selling price of over $500! Thanks to Lisa L. Black from Pensacola FL for the information and photos.
mark The black cat is also signed a bit differently than it's Siamese counterpart.
Claes Siamese Cat value:  rarity:
Whereas Claes' siamese cat and kitten is the most common of his designs, this single-cat version is one of the most rare. Photos courtesy of Patti in Florida.
Claes Siamese Cat Another look.
Claes Siamese Cat Back view.
Claes Siamese Cat The marking is on the bottom. It lacks the usual year and WH marking, probably because of the relatively small area available.
Claes Siamese Cat value:  rarity:
This Siamese cat TV lamp was made by the William H. Hirsch Mfg. Co. (the manufacturer of the Claes designs), and is the only Hirsch TV lamp I'm aware of that isn't a Leland Claes design. Very rare! Photos courtesy of belize199903 / 2 Ds Top Ten out of Harrisburg, Oregon.
Claes Siamese Cat Here she is from above.
Williams Ceramics marking On the bottom one can see the William Hirsch marking. (It's that artsy squiggle at the top)
UL marking Here's a close-up of the UL approval sticker on the William Hirsch Siamese TV lamp.
Beauceware Cats value:  rarity:
Just when I thought I'd seen it comes a blue Beauceware TV lamp, one that is clearly a copy of the Leland Claes design. Photos courtesy of Beauceboys, Ottawa, Canada.
Beauceware Cats A different view of our blue felines.
Beauceware marking And in case anyone is skeptical of the Beauceware attribution, here's a look at the marking on the bottom!
Beauceware Cats value:  rarity:
If blue isn't your style, Beauceware also offered their cats in black. Photos courtesy of eBay seller, exchangingtime.
Beauceware Cats Back view.
Beauceware Cats The Beauceware marking is on the underside of the lamp.
Claes Siamese Kittens value:  rarity:
Another Siamese Cat lamp by Claes. Officially, this was called the Claes Glowing-Eyed Siamese Twin Kittens T-V Lamp. A very similar piece can be found that appears identical from the front, but has a planter box in the back instead of the light fixture. Photos courtesy of Leonard Anderson from East Hampton, CT.
Claes Siamese Kittens I love the look of this one lit. It makes them look kind of crazed!
back view Back view of the Claes kittens.
Royal Copley Siamese Cats value:  rarity:
There is a variation of this lamp without the basket/planter in the front that has been identified as an Enchanto Co. product, a California company that could have done this one as well. My wife added the flower. A nice touch, don't you think?
Royal Copley Siamese Cats value:  rarity:
This Siamese Cat lamp had been previously attributed incorrectly, by myself and others, to Royal Copley, but it is in fact an Enchanto product. The manufacturers catalog refers to this one as the R411 12" Siamese Cat Lamp. I found this little honey at "Antiques and Fine Things" in Muleshoe, Texas!
Royal Copley Siamese Cats The back of the cat lamp says "Made in Calif. USA". There's also a faint symbol of an artists palette with what could be an "R" in the center.
Royal Copley Siamese Cat value:  rarity:
As with the previous TV lamp this one is unmarked, but it is also from Enchanto. It was called the R415 12" Siamese Cat Lamp w/Fish Bowl. Photos courtesy of Sarah Sandberg of North Bend, Oregon.
Royal Copley Siamese Cat Right-side view with lightswitch.
Royal Copley Siamese Cat On the left are two holes, the purpose of which was to cast light into the accompanying fish bowl, not present with this example.
Royal Copley Siamese Cat Back view.
siamese with shade value:  rarity:
Unmarked lamp with a fiberglass shade and ceramic Siamese cat. The cat has faux diamonds for eyes.
Miramar Cat value:  rarity:
While cats were a frequent subject of TV lamps, seldom were they given the abstract treatment seen in this example from Miramar. This is undoubtedly my favorite Miramar TV lamp. It's one crazy cat, daddy-o! Photos courtesy of Anne from Annes*Tiques.
Miramar Cat Here's a profile of the Miramar cat TV lamp. I've also seen this one in turquoise and in chartreuse, but always with a white cat.
Miramar mark Marking on the back says, Miramar of Calif ©1956 640.
Miramar Cat An overview of the back.
Miramar Cat The planter is very deep, and would be ideal for long-stemmed flowers!
Miramar Cat Miramar's cat looks good in green as well. Photos courtesy of eBay seller, glasskats.
Miramar Cat Side view.
Miramar Cat Definitely a cat with attitude.
Miramar Cat Here's the Miramar marking on the back of the planter.
SNA siamese cat value:  rarity:
BOO... Kinda spooky looking, isn't it? Actually, it looks sort of like the Kron siamese cat lamp, only different! Photos courtesy of Kathy from perryphernalia.
SNA TV lamp Here's the back of the SNA siamese cat.
SNA siamese cat As with the Kron TV lamp, the SNA siamese has "open" eyes, allowing for the light to shine through.
SNA siamese cat SNA proudly put their name on this excellent TV lamp.
SNA siamese cat value:  rarity:
A variation of the SNA Siamese Cat lamp shown above, this one perched on a pillow that serves as a planter. Clever design! Photos courtesy of Rachel from Bay Center, Washington.
SNA siamese cat Back view.
SNA siamese cat As though SNA's design wasn't unique already, this lamp has blue accents around the eyes that give it a particularly exotic look.
SNA siamese cat A view of the bottom of the pillow/planter, showing the three "stilt" marks that were created during manufacture.
value:  rarity:
A curious design, this one seems to have "borrowed" the two cats on the right from the Claes design, adding a kitten on the left. As with the Enchanto cats, marbles are used for eyes. Maker is unknown. Photos courtesy of Dianne from Florida.
Back view of the three-cats TV lamp.
The bottom is marked, Made in California USA P106.
Roberts of California TV Lamp value:  rarity:
Looking identical to a TV lamp I've seen with the William Hirsch marking, this Roberts of California design is seldom seen. Photos courtesy of Valerie Hufford of Evansville, Indiana.
Roberts of California TV Lamp Back view.
Roberts of California TV Lamp Side.
Roberts of California TV Lamp Other side.
Roberts of California TV Lamp On the bottom is this Roberts of California marking.
Roberts of California TV Lamp The eyes are open, much like those on a Claes design.
Maddux TV Lamp value:  rarity:
While Maddux of California didn't produce Siamese Cat TV lamps in the volume of the competition, their "single-cat" lamp is one of the most collectible. There's has distinctly cartoon-like facial features, and was undoubtedly intended to give it an "oriental" look. Photos courtesy of Judy from Kunkletown, Pennsylvania.
Maddux TV Lamp Back view.
Maddux TV Lamp value:  rarity:
The Maddux single-cat TV lamp is rare, but this variation of it is crazy rare! Based on the same design, it has been reworked, "customized" if you will, with additional modeling. Even the eyes have been changed! Awesome. Photos courtesy of Barb Webber.
Maddux TV Lamp The whimsical decoration added to these cats is amazing. I don't know all the colors that were produced, but I've also found it in green.
Maddux TV Lamp Back view.
Maddux TV Lamp Flower power? Whereas the original single-cat has definite roots in the '50s, these variations have 1967 written all over them!
L.M. Fielack TV lamp value:  rarity:
Now this is something you hardly ever see depicted on a TV lamp... cats and dogs! Photos courtesy of Todd Plough.
L.M. Fielack TV lamp On the back of the cat/dog TV lamp one will find the L.M. Fielack marking.
Bobby B Ceramics TV Lamp value:  rarity:
Bobby B Ceramics clearly indulged in a large helping of plagiarism, as the two leftmost cats are identical to those made by Enchanto of California!
Bobby B Ceramics TV Lamp Back view.
Bobby B Ceramics TV Lamp The bottom is marked, Bobby B Ceramics, Made in Calif. USA.
Bobby B Ceramics TV Lamp Illuminated.  The gold detailing is a nice touch.
Persian Cat TV Lamp value:  rarity:
This Persian Cat is seldom found, and is a real beauty! Maker unknown. Photos courtesy of eBay seller janetm.
Persian Cat TV Lamp Back view.
Royal Fleet TV Lamp value:  rarity:
This Royal Fleet cat is a real treasure! It is seldom seen, and I don't know what other colors were available, but I suspect that white was offered. Photos courtesy of eBay seller, 2birddog4me.
Royal Fleet TV Lamp Back view of the Royal Fleet cat.
Royal Fleet TV Lamp Our cat is plainly marked on the back of the planter.
Royal Fleet TV Lamp On the bottom is a hand-scrawled RF 20. The style number?
Royal Fleet TV Lamp All lit up!
Canadian Ceramic Craft TV lamp value:  rarity:
Looking much like a product of Blue Mountain Pottery, this cat was made by Canadian Ceramic Craft.  Photos courtesy of Char Korcz.
Canadian Ceramic Craft TV lamp Here's a different angle.
Canadian Ceramic Craft TV lamp The marking reads: CCC CANADA.
Canadian Ceramic Craft TV lamp value:  rarity:
Now here's a cat of a different color! Canadian Ceramic Craft applied a beautifully colorful glaze to this one. Photos courtesy of Char Korcz.
Canadian Ceramic Craft TV lamp Back view.
Canadian Ceramic Craft TV lamp Close-up.
Canadian Ceramic Craft TV lamp As with the previous lamp, this one is marked, CCC CANADA.
Williams Ceramics TV Lamp value:  rarity:
This long-haired cat from Williams Ceramics is unique among TV lamps, as the Siamese was the usual subject.
Williams Ceramics TV Lamp Back view.
Williams Ceramics TV Lamp The Williams Ceramics marking, including a copyright date of 1956.

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