Dog TV Lamps

While not as plentiful as cats, dogs were also popular subject matter. Animals of all kinds lended their graceful lines to TV lamps, but man's best friend was a natural. Royal Haeger and Claes in particular designed several canine lamps.

Kron Poodle & Pug value:  rarity:
The Texans Incorporated (Kron) Poodle and Pug lamp is a less common sight than the cats, though not extremely rare.  The original collar, present on this example, adds to the value.
Kron Poodle & Pug value:  rarity:
This black poodle variation is several rungs higher on the rarity ladder than the previous one, and brings a premium at auction.
back view A look at the back of the Kron Poodle & Pug TV lamp.
Claes Poodles value:  rarity:
This rare Claes Poodles lamp is in excellent condition, and was marketed as the Claes Poodle Pals T-V Lamp. Photos courtesy of Woodland Trace Collectibles/Bill Keller, Knoxville, TN.
Claes mark Possibly the last Claes design produced by Williams Ceramics, the mark on the Claes poodles shows a date of 1959.
Claes Boxers TV Lamp value:  rarity:
Next to their Siamese Cats, the Claes boxers TV lamp is probably their most frequently seen example. The lamp is marked on the base, and has a copyright date of '56.
Claes Boxers Here's a back view of the Claes Boxers TV lamp.
Claes Boxer value:  rarity:
Less common (and more valuable) than the Claes two-dog boxers lamp is this single-dog design. Photos courtesy of Cindy & Mike of Bakersfield, California.
Claes Boxer Another view.
Claes Boxer Here's the markings on the base of the Claes boxer. It reads, Claes Copyright WH © 55.
Claes Puppy with Slipper value:  rarity:
How can you not love this cute pup? Marked with a copyright date of 1957, this "puppy and slipper" is one of the most attractive Claes lamps. Photos courtesy of Bonnie from CA.
Claes Puppy with Slipper Here's how the lamp shown above looks when lit.
Claes Cocker Spaniel Puppies value:  rarity:
This Cocker Spaniel Puppies TV lamp is another great design from Claes. An extremely rare variation of this one is done in black and white.
Claes marking The base of the puppies TV lamp reads "Claes copyright '56".
Bil Mar Mold TV Lamp value:  rarity:
Now isn't this interesting! What appears to be a Claes Cocker Spaniel lamp is marked Bil Mar Mold. I'm far from understanding the reason why so many Leland Claes' designs were plagiarized. This one is an extremely faithful copy, the only difference is the marking and the eyes. Bil Mar removed Claes' "glowing eyes" effect and used doll-like plastic eyes instead.
Bil Mar Mold TV Lamp Back view.
Lane Poodles value:  rarity:
A very desirable Lane TV lamp, also manufactured in pink. Was originally sold with gold collar/leashes, and it's sometimes found on a black base. The white poodles typically bring somewhere around $75-$100, whereas pink ones are liable to fetch $125-$175 or more. The black base also tends to pump up the value a bit as well. Photo courtesy of Woodland Trace Collectibles/Bill Keller, Knoxville, TN.
Lane Poodles value:  rarity:
The pink version of Lane's poodles is very popular, perhaps because of the very '50s color, and has been known to bring insanely high prices. This one has the black candy dish base.
Lane mark The underside of the poodles has the Lane marking with the date 1956.
Yellow Poodle value:  rarity:
Hmmm...I've never seen a poodle this color! Photo courtesy of Woodland Trace Collectibles/Bill Keller, Knoxville, TN.
Yellow Poodle Another look at the poodle!
Maddux Basset Hound value:  rarity:
This cute Basset Hound shows the wide variety of styles that Maddux produced. Photos courtesy of Pioneer Square Antique Mall - Seattle, WA.
Maddux label Here's a look at the label on the Basset TV lamp.
Royal Haeger Two Dogs value:  rarity:
This Phil-Mar TV lamp has a spectacular glaze of brown and yellow. Phil-Mar called this one the TV 110 Wolfhounds lamp.
Royal Haeger Two Dogs While almost identical to the lamp above, this tan example has subtle differences, including the positioning of the light fixture. I believe this is the color that Phil-Mar called buckskin. Photos courtesy of Terri German, Mountain Cove Antiques, Chickamauga, GA.
Royal Haeger Two Dogs Instead of a "planter box" with the light fixture inside, this lamp holds the socket vertically.
Royal Haeger Two Dogs Here's the Phil-Mar Wolfhounds in black. Photos courtesy of Bill Keller, Knoxville, TN.
Royal Haeger Greyhound value:  rarity:
This graceful Royal Haeger Greyhound was lovingly sculpted. His flowing shape is echoed in the curves of the base.
Racing Greyhounds value:  rarity:
I can't prove it, but I'm pretty certain that this one is by Royal Haeger. (unless it's a Phil-Mar!) Photos courtesy of Terry O'Connor in Malibu, California.
rear view As with many TV lamps, the large cavity at the back of these greyhounds reflects the initial use of a full-sized bulb. Today's collectors tend to prefer these small appliance bulbs to keep heat to a minimum.
value:  rarity:
While it's not unheard of to combine a TV lamp with candle holders, it's fairly rare. This chalkware german shepherd lamp, acquired from the late Tom Santiso's collection, does indeed have two built-in candle holders. Photo courtesy of Douglas Siska from Pecks Pond, PA.
value:  rarity:
Though not common, this chalkware poodle was popular and can be found at auction once in a while. Photos courtesy of Bill Keller, Knoxville, TN.
Fiberglass "shades" were often used to diffuse the light.
L.M. Fielack TV lamp value:  rarity:
Nifty poodle TV lamp from L.M. Fielack! Photos courtesy of Jacqueline from Long Island, NY.
L.M. Fielack TV lamp Warming its fanny at the fire.
L.M. Fielack TV lamp Back view.
L.M. Fielack TV lamp Here's a look at the L.M. Fielack marking.
L.M. Fielack TV lamp value:  rarity:
Another L.M. Fielack doggie TV lamp, this one of two Scotties. Photos courtesy of Jamie from Brooklyn, New York.
L.M. Fielack TV lamp Here's the perky puppies basking in the glow.
L.M. Fielack TV lamp The L.M. Fielack marking is found on the back.
L.M. Fielack TV lamp Back view.
Mar-Lita Hunting Dog value:  rarity:
Mar-Lita Lamp Co. only marked their products with a stamp on the felt base, missing from this example. As a result, it's unclear whether this hunting dog was made during the early Mar-Lita period or is a true Texans Incorporated product. Photos courtesy of Fran from Las Cruces, New Mexico.
Mar-Lita Hunting Dog Back-view of the Mar-Lita hunting dog TV lamp.
Mar-Lita Hunting Dog Not a complicated design, it's nevertheless a skillfully sculpted lamp.
Rock O'Stone terrier value:  rarity:
This was probably the most successful Rock O'Stone TV lamp. The bold paint work on this terrier makes it a real stand-out! Photo courtesy of Brenda from Fort Smith, Arkansas.
Rosemeade TV Lamp value:  rarity:
All Rosemeade TV lamps are extremely rare, and this dog lamp is no exception. Made in four solid colors: gray, russet, forest green and dark brown. Photo courtesy of Lloyd & Dawn of Powell, Wyoming.
A.N. Brooks TV Lamp value:  rarity:
This is without a doubt the most frequently found A.N. Brooks TV lamp. It has an unusual "flocked" finish, which is a felt-like material, probably sprayed on, that's a bit like the texture of old "Hush Puppies" shoes...remember those? Photos courtesy of Steve & Kathy from Red Oak, Iowa.
A.N. Brooks TV Lamp This view shows the top and back of the Brooks Cocker Spaniel TV lamp.
A.N. Brooks TV Lamp Inside the Spaniel is the Brooks marking, with a foil label for good measure.
A.N. Brooks TV Lamp Such a lovable face.
A.N. Brooks TV Lamp "C'mon boy, play dead!"
A.N. Brooks TV Lamp value:  rarity:
If the Brooks single cocker spaniel lamp didn't trip your trigger, you could always upgrade to this 3-dog beauty! Photos courtesy of Jim from Wisconsin.
A.N. Brooks TV Lamp Back view of the 3-dog TV lamp.
A.N. Brooks TV Lamp Brooks followed the beat of a different drummer, and this is clearly seen in this design. The openings, front and sides, dissipated heat and made for a nice glow of light.
A.N. Brooks TV Lamp The A.N. Brooks label.
Claes TV Lamp value:  rarity:
This Claes bassett hound lamp is way rare! It was called the Claes Basset Buddies T-V Lamp. Photos courtesy of an eBayer from Hemet, California.
Claes TV Lamp ...looks great when lit!
Claes TV Lamp On the back one sees the date...1959. That makes this, and the poodle lamp, among the last Claes designs.
Claes TV Lamp Along with the usual markings, the bassett lamp has the star logo that is found on some Claes lamps.
value:  rarity:
This great hunting dog is one of those designs that was sold as either a table lamp or TV lamp. Photos courtesy of Robin Randall Roeckers.
From the back one can see the recessed area which would accommodate the electrical socket, the component that this one was originally fitted with.
Clearly visible from this angle is the opening for a vertically mounted fixture and shade. While unmarked, I suspect this lamp to be from the Phil-Mar Corp.
Roberts of California TV Lamp value:  rarity:
This great Scottie TV lamp is marked Robert of California. I've got to believe it's by the same maker as the Siamese Cat lamp (shown above) that is marked Roberts of California...but I could be wrong! Photos courtesy of Mike from Claremont, California.
Roberts of California TV Lamp Side view.
Roberts of California TV Lamp The bulb protrudes from the back in an unusual fashion.
Hankscraft TV lamp value:  rarity:
I've heard these frisky pups by Hankscraft called chalkware, but they are in fact glazed ceramic. These are described in the 1954-55 Fall-Winter Montgomery Wards catalog as a Puppy Night Light. Selling price? $2.49!
Hankscraft TV lamp It is intended to hold a round ball-like colored bulb, and has the small diameter Christmas-light sized socket.
Hankscraft TV lamp Back view.
Cocker Spaniel TV lamp value:  rarity:
While lacking the Claes Copyright marking, this Cocker Spaniel TV lamp has Claes written all over it. It resembles Leland Claes other designs both in quality and the details, but it doesn't have either the Claes name or the stylistic "WH" (William Hirsch) mark typically found. Photos courtesy of Char Korcz.
Cocker Spaniel TV lamp The dogs have the same "open" eyes that are found on Claes TV lamps.
Cocker Spaniel TV lamp Close-up.
Cocker Spaniel TV lamp Bottom view.
Cocker Spaniel TV lamp Back view, showing the Made in Calif. USA marking.
Beauceware TV lamp value:  rarity:
Seldom seen, this boxer by Beauceware is reminiscent of one by Leland Claes. (but not a copy!)
Beauceware TV lamp The Beauceware dog in profile.
Beauceware TV lamp The bottom is clearly marked.
Maddux TV Lamp This dog by Maddux of California is a companion to a similarly-styled cat lamp. Photo courtesy of Don from Carrollton, Texas.
Chase Strong TV Lamp value:  rarity:
This cute bassett hound by Chase Strong is one of the best doggie lamps I've seen! I don't want to open a can of worms, but doesn't this look a great deal like a Claes design?
Chase Strong TV Lamp Back view.
Chase Strong TV Lamp The Chase Strong marking is found on the bottom of the lamp. I've not seen this in person, and I wouldn't rule out this being "Chas. Strong".

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