Dodge Incorporated

As with the Helmscenes and motion lamps, I'm straying from the strictest definition of a TV lamp by including the Dodge Incorporated products. Dodge made all sorts of items, most of which were cast of pot metal. Undoubtedly their best known designs are the motorized hula girl lamps that they made in the '40s, complete with grass skirt and gyrating hips.

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This Dodge Inc. mermaid clock is extremely rare, and probably dates from the '40s or '50s. Photos courtesy of Victoria Turner.
Dodge Clock/Lamp It's only natural that the Dodge folks would find a way to motorize this clock, and the glowing underwater scene is given naturalistic motion (rather like a motion lamp) by way of a small motor.
Dodge Clock/Lamp Here's a back view of the Dodge clock.
Dodge Inc. Advertisement Here's a Dodge Inc. advertisement that appeared in a 1959 issue of the trade publication Lamp Journal.

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