Comer Creations

I've not found any information regarding Comer Creations, but they seem to have been the ceramics subsidiary of Comer Furniture Mfg Co. in Downey, California. I believe they also owned or were otherwise connected with Cali-Co of California.

Comer Creations Mermaid value:  rarity:
This Comer Creations TV lamp is remarkably similar to the shell and mermaid from Cali-Co of California.
Mermaid This close-up reveals the loveliest mermaid to ever swim the high seas!
Comer Creations Mermaid Here's the back view of the Comer Creations lamp.
Comer Creations mark The bottom of the lamp carries the Comer Creations mark.
Comer Creations lilly value:  rarity:
OK, I'm starting to wonder about Comer Creations. All their products look like someone else's! This Lilly appears identical to the ones made by Esco-Lite. Photos courtesy of Steve from Loma Rica, CA.
Comer Creations lilly The bottom of the Lilly TV lamp reveals the Comer Creations mark.
Comer Creations TV Lamp value:  rarity:
This oriental boat design from Comer Creations was produced in several solid colors. Photos courtesy of R.L. Rising of Rising Sky Artworks.
Comer Creations TV Lamp Here's the same Comer design as shown above, this one in a different color.
Comer Creations TV Lamp Back view.
Comer Creations TV Lamp The bottom is marked Comer Creation '53.

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