Clock/Lamp Combos

A surprising number of TV lamps were outfitted with clocks, particularly from the Snider Clock Corporation of Toronto, Canada. Founded in 1950 by Harry Snider, the company was active until 1976, first as the Snider Clock Corporation and later as the Snider Clock Manufacturing Company Limited. Most of the photographs below were provided through the generosity of  The Canadian Clock Museum, Deep River, Ontario.

Snider clock/lamp This two-panther clock/lamp from Snider is a beauty! The design is very similar to another TV lamp, one without a clock.
Snider clock/lamp Back view.
Snider clock/lamp Same as above, this time in black.
Snider clock/lamp Here's the same style yet again, this one with an attractive glaze of browns and greens.
Obviously derived from the same basic design that was used on countless conventional TV lamps, this "crouching panther" has the addition of a clock! Photos courtesy of an eBayer from Winnipeg, Canada.
Back view.
Snider clock/lamp This Snider horse clock/lamp is less common than the panthers.
Snider clock/lamp Now here's mid-century modern at its finest! Snider produced a number of metal-bodied clock/lamps. The metal bodies on these weren't produced in-house, but were made for Snider by Marshall Specialties in Toronto.
Snider clock/lamp Back view.
Snider clock/lamp Here's a similar design, this one rectangular in shape.
Snider clock/lamp This bow-tie design is a winner! Snider made these in a number of colors.
Snider clock/lamp Another bow-tie.
Snider clock/lamp Here's a look at the back of one of the Snider bow-tie clock/lamps.
Gary and Harry Snider This photo shows Harry Snider (right) and his son Gary at a giftware show in Toronto, sometime around 1960. Photo courtesy of  The Canadian Clock Museum.

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