Cali-Co of California

What distinguishes the lamps of Cali-Co of California is the richness of the colors and the high-gloss of the finish. Gorgeous! I can't say that I know much about them, except that Comer Creations made very similar designs. Also, Cali-Co lamps sometimes bear a Comer Furniture Mfg. Co. label. I suspect that Cali-Co of California was either:  A) a brand name marketed by Comer,  B) purchased by Comer at some point, or  C) was renamed Comer Creations.

Cali-Co Mermaid & Shell value:  rarity:
Made in several colors, this maroon "mermaid and shell" is a beauty!
Cali-Co mark A manufacturers mark is found on the bottom which reads Cali-Co of Calif 52. This lamp is also found with a foil label that reads, Manufactured by Comer Furniture MFG Co, Downey CA, and I've even found one with a paper label that read Bur-Cal Co. Long Beach, CA.
Cali-Co Ram value:  rarity:
I still say that no one had glazes as beautiful as those by Cali-Co of California. They chose an unusual pose for this ram. Is it wounded or just striking a dramatic pose?
Cali-Co mark Back view. The bottom is marked Cali-Co of Calif 53.
Cali-Co bird value:  rarity:
A seldom-seen Cali-Co lamp, with a distinctive style that's unlike other makers bird lamps. Photos courtesy of Mike Bartch.
Cali-Co bird Back view of the Cali-Co bird TV lamp. The bottom is marked "Cali-Co of Calif 53".
Cali-Co bird value:  rarity:
The red and green Cali-Co bird lamp above was the only type I'd seen, but then this unusual airbrushed version turned up at an antique mall in Hillsboro, scarcely looks like the same lamp!
Cali-Co bird Here's a look at the back of the airbrushed bird.

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