Bertie Butorac

The only lamps with the Bertie Butorac marking I've encountered so far have been the chalkware "prom queen" shown below, but I did see a spoon rest on eBay that was dated 1951. Certainly the designers name, I've been unable to find any information on Bertie Butorac.  Bertie, are you out there?

Bertie Butorac TV lamp value:  rarity:
This chalkware Bertie Butorac "Prom Queen" TV lamp can be found with different colors applied to her dress and hair.
Bertie Butorac TV lamp Back view. Rather large, our prom queen is 12" tall and 19" across!
Bertie Butorac TV lamp She's marked Bertie Butorac ©1952 #1105.

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