Bug-A-Roo Inc. was established in 1951 and produced some very interesting lamps that, besides providing illumination, also killed bugs, dispersed fragrance, and served as a sick-room vaporizer. I don't have too much information about Bug-A-Roo, but I do know, of all things, several of their former Dallas, Texas addresses, including 3405 Main St., 3820 Main St., 4015 Main St., and "Pacific at Live Oak" (P.O. Box 239). Their products are often marked Bug-a-roo The Miracle Lamp, but some designs are labeled, MiraKil Bug Killer by Bug-a-roo, Inc., or Lite-N-Bug by Bug-a-roo. They probably had their ceramics out-sourced, but the lamps give no clue as to their origin.

Bug-a-roo lamp value:  rarity:
Now for something completely different!  Clearly the product of a civilization superior to our own, "The Miracle Lamp" by Bug-a-roo could rid your home of bugs and serve as a TV lamp, nursery lamp, porch lamp or sick-room vaporizer.  It's 8¾" tall.
Bug-a-roo lamp Back view. Besides the deep green shown here, this style of Bug-a-roo lamp has also been found in gray and chartreuse.
Bug-a-roo lamp Here's the Bug-a-roo label that proclaims it to be "The Miracle Lamp".  I have tested its miracle credentials, rubbing it while chanting,   "bring Elvis back... bring Elvis back..."  If he shows, you'll get the scoop right here at!
Bug-a-roo lamp Pretty cool on/off switch, eh?
Bug-a-roo lamp It even has a view-window to show you that the light is on! (?) Gee, I thought for sure The King would materialize.  After-all, it does have a crown on it!
Bug-a-roo Lamp Another style from Bug-A-Roo, this one called a Lite-N-Bug Bug Killer.
Bug-a-roo Lamp Back view.
Bug-a-roo Lamp On the bottom is the paper Bug-A-Roo label that calls it the Model V-03.
Bug-a-roo Pamphlet In the event that you've misplaced yours, here's the pamphlet that was included with Bug-a-roo lamps.  (front page shown) Due to the poor condition of the original, I've done a good bit of restoration with Photoshop. (original shown here)
Bug-a-roo Pamphlet Inside pages of pamphlet.
Bug-a-roo Pamphlet Back page.
Bug-a-roo Lamp Here's a different style of Bug-a-Roo, this one marketed as the MiraKill Bug Killer by Bug-a-roo. I have one of these in pink that I'll take photos of to post here... just as soon as I can find it! Photo courtesy of Blake from San Antonio.
Bug-a-roo Lamp Found it! These things have an interesting speckled glaze...I'd sure like to know who made the ceramics for Bug-A-Roo.
Bug-a-roo Lamp On the back is the Bug-A-Roo paper label that proclaims this to be a MiraKill Bug Killer, Model V-02, no less!
Bug-a-roo Lamp Hey, this is neat: A Bug-a-Roo that still has the Pyrex dish! Photos courtesy of Adolfo Perez, Levelland, Texas.
Bug-a-roo Lamp See, told ya!
Bug-a-roo Lamp Looks sort of ordinary, but it fits just right.

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