Buckingham Ceramics

The products of Buckingham Ceramics, at least all of the ones I'm aware of, were manufactured by McCoy Pottery of Roseville, Ohio. Most of the pieces marked Buckingham Ceramics can also be found with a McCoy marking, and the relationship between the brands is unclear. It is possible that McCoy sold some products under the Buckingham label as a marketing tactic, perhaps to target different wholesale buyers. Buckingham could also have been an independent company that went to McCoy for production.

Buckingham Vintage Auto value:  rarity:
This vintage touring car is relatively common, yet is the only TV lamp I've seen that can be identified as a product of Buckingham Ceramics. Although made in other colors, it's usually found in the often-used "McCoy green" shown here.
Buckingham mark The Buckingham mark is on the bottom of this vintage car. The "dry" feet on this lamp are typical of McCoy products.
Buckingham mark Here's three color variations of the Buckingham TV lamp, the maroon version being the less common of the three. Photo courtesy of George Martin of Little Valley, NY.

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