Bilt-Rite Mfg. Co.

I haven't been able to gather much information regarding the Bilt-Rite Manufacturing Company, but it appears that TV lamps, and lamps in general, weren't a major focus of their production. The Chicago, Illinois company made a variety of items, including several styles of decorative wall clocks, all with metal as the primary material used.

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Now we are looking at one of those concepts from a by-gone era that just don't compute in today's mind...a combination TV lamp/aquarium. As though TV lamps weren't odd enough, Bilt-Rite distinguished itself by adding fish! Note the tranquil outdoor scene, intended, no doubt, to showcase your trout in their natural environment. Photos courtesy of Chad Becker & Jen Adams from Martinsville, IN.
Bilt-Rite TV Lamp Back view of the incredible aqua-lamp!
Bilt-Rite TV Lamp Seen from above, one can see that this TV lamp/fish-tank is constructed primarily of metal, with fiberglass used for the shade and glass inserts to hold the piranha. A typical bakelite fixture is used for illumination. Chad and Jen are consumate professionals, and only use low-wattage appliance bulbs to protect their vintage lamps.

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