Bil Mar Mold

Bil Mar Mold is a bit of a mystery. The name, combined with the finish of the lamp below, makes me think that the company specialized in molds to be used by industry or home craftsmen. I've also come across table lamps with the company marking that were finished with a high quality glaze, so I could be wrong! At any rate, their products, the ones I've seen, are ceramic rather than the plaster that home crafters would use. The dates I've seen on Bil Mar Mold designs (and most are dated) span over 20 years.

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The Bil Mar Mold pheasant TV lamp is a nice design, and bears a finish that has a metallic look to it. Photos courtesy of 0rville Wiberg of Loup City, Nebraska.
Bil Mar Mold TV Lamp A great deal of subtle color has been used, but it appears to have been sprayed after firing, rather than being a fired decorative glaze finish.
Bil Mar Mold TV Lamp The back reveals what appears, with my eyes, to be rather cobby workmanship. This could point to it being finished by a home crafter, or could simply be the signs of 50+ years of abuse and neglect.
Bil Mar Mold TV Lamp You can't miss the marking on this one! It clearly reads, Bil Mar Mold #402 © 1958.
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Now isn't this interesting! What appears to be a Claes Cocker Spaniel lamp is marked Bil Mar Mold. I'm far from understanding the reason why so many Leland Claes' designs were plagiarized. This one is an extremely faithful copy, the only difference is the marking and the eyes. Bil Mar removed Claes' "glowing eyes" effect and used doll-like plastic eyes instead.
Bil Mar Mold TV Lamp Back view.
Bil Mar Mold TV Lamp value:  rarity:
This tiger from Bil-Mar is particularly interesting, as it seems to be a blatant copy, with changes, of another often-seen design, maker unknown. Photos courtesy of Cindy Ghilarducci.
Bil Mar Mold TV Lamp The "behind the paw" switch location is identical to the green and green-and-black examples it copies.
Bil Mar Mold TV Lamp The bottom is marked, Bil-Mar BM 855 ©.

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